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Class 1

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Welcome to Class One’s page! On here you will be able to see photos of your child’s learning, information about their learning and important dates and notices. Please come back to our page regularly to keep updated, we hope you like it!


Class Teacher – Miss Verity

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Brock

Additional Staff – Ms Fegan

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We love to celebrate Class One’s achievements! We reward the children in many ways with:

- Stickers and certificates

- PRIDE Points (more information below)

- Class Dojo (more information below)


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PRIDE Points


The children will receive Snape Wood Pride Points now instead of Super Points. Your child will be rewarded Pride Points just like they were with Super Points, and can use their points to buy prizes in the new Pride Points shop!


PRIDE stands for:

Positive Attitude





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Class Dojo


We are also using Class Dojo now instead of Marvellous Me. PRIDE Points will be recorded through Class Dojo. If you use the code that was given to you, you can now see when your child receives these points!


Reading is very important for children. We wish for all children to enjoy reading and to become fluent readers. To encourage this, please take time to read with your child for at least five minutes each day and log this in their reading diary. If children read at least three times a week, they will be rewarded with Snape Wood Pride Points. When the children read 10, 20, 30, 50 books, they are rewarded with a certificate.  Therefore could you please ensure your child brings their reading diary and book to school every day so we can give them these rewards and move them through the reading stages.

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We will let you know when Class One has PE when we have more information. Please ensure your child brings a labelled kit with black plimsolls or trainers on our PE days. Please also remove any earrings on these days for your child’s safety.

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This half term's homework will be given out very soon!



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In each class, there is a traffic light system for behaviour. Every child begins the day on Green. If a child breaks a school rule, they are asked to think about their behaviour and are given a warning. If the child does not change their behaviour, they are moved down to an orange. If their behaviour is still not improved, they are moved down to a red. The child is given chance to move back up the traffic light system and we support the children in trying to work their way to a green. However, if the child’s behaviour does not change when they are on red, they are sent to another class for the remainder of that lesson. 


Red Cards


If a child is on red at the end of the day or they have shown extreme behaviour, a red card will be sent home. Please take the time to speak with your child about this behaviour and sign and bring the card back to school if your child is given one.


Green Cards


Children that have shown good behaviour all week and have not been given a red card will be given a green card on a Friday. This is a chance for both you and school to encourage good behaviour. The children love being given the cards and are excited to take them home. They are entered into a prize draw when they bring in their card signed by you.



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Head Lice


Please ensure that your child's hair is tied up every day, if necessary, and check for head lice regularly. Please treat if needs be.





Your child will receive letters, newsletters, spellings and homework during the half term. If you need another copy of any of these, we have copies in the classroom that your child can take.

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To support your child’s classroom learning, you could try and do the following at home:


Ask children what they have done/learnt at school each day

Listen to your child read

Help your child practise their weekly spellings

Encourage your child to write – practising letter formation and joining their letters

Practise writing numbers and ordering them

Test your child on their 2, 5 and 10 times tables




Hello and welcome to our class page. Here you will find information about your child's learning, important notices and reminders. 

We hope that you enjoy our page and check it regularly for updates


We would like to wish the children, parents and carers a fantastic time this summer. We have really enjoyed this year and we are looking forward to working with the children again in class 2. 


Don't forget that our class information will be moving to the class 2 page and it will be ready in September. 


Class 1 had an amazing time at the sports festival at Bulwell Academy. The children took part in lots of sports activities, including parachute games, throwing a javelin, ball games and hula hoop skills. The children behaved incredibly well and were a credit to the school. 

Hot Weather


Now that the hot weather has arrived, we have been advising the children on how to stay cool and safe in the sun. We have been providing the children with frequent water breaks, including making water available when the children are outside. We have also been encouraging the children to stay in the shade if they are outside.

To help us keep the children safe in the sun, please could you apply suncream before school or alternatively send your child with suncream that they can apply themselves. It would also be advisable to send in a summer hat to protect the children if they go outside. 

Thank you for your support. 

Reading Books


We like to change your child's book every week. Please could you remember to send in your child's book and reading diary every day. This will help us to ensure that children are reading a variety of books, moving through the book stages and gaining their reading certificates.


If you have any school books at home we would really appreciate it if you could send them back once they have been read. 



If your child attends a PE after school club like rounders, the children will need to bring their PE kit on that day. The children will need to bring trainers or plimsolls to ensure the children are safe during the activities. 


Sports Day


This year KS1 and KS2 will be holding sports day on 11th July. We hope to see parents and carers there to help us cheer on the children and their teams.  

Trip to the Sea Life Centre


The children had a fantastic time at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. It was lovely to see the children's reactions when up close to sea creatures such as a giant turtle, penguins, jelly fish, sea horses, and even sharks!


The ocean tunnel seemed to be a big hit with everyone, as we got to see the sea creatures swimming around us whilst learning lots of interesting facts from our tour guide. 


The children's behaviour was fantastic and they were a credit to our school.










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Class 1 will start swimming lessons on Wednesday 19th April, for 13 weeks.


Girls will need a swimming costume (no bikinis or two piece costumes) and a towel.


Boys will need swimming trunks and a towel. If swimming shorts are worn, they must be above the knee in length and have no pockets. 


Long hair will need to be tied up and earrings need to be removed. Due to health and safety, staff are unable to remove earrings so please make sure that this is done at home.


If children do not have the correct kit or they are wearing earrings the pool staff may not allow them to swim. 





Summer 2 Pirates

This term our topic is Pirates. As always, we start our topic by asking the children what they would like to learn. This term the children have put together the following questions:

  • How did pirates find treasure?
  • What did pirates wear?
  • How do sea creatures breath under water?
  • Why did pirates have parrots?


During our topic we will be trying to answer these questions as well as learning about compass directions, the ocean and making our own treasure maps!


For more information, please see the topic web below:

Pirates: Topic Web

Summer 1 The Victorians



During our summer 1 term, the children learnt about life in Britain in Victorian times. The children put together lots of questions that they wanted to answer;

  • Who was the King or Queen in the Victorian times?
  • Did all children go to school?
  • What clothes did Victorian people wear?
  • Why did children have to work?
  • What toys did Victorian children play with?


The children were once again very excited about their topic lessons and it was really great to hear all of their questions and help them find the answers. 


For more detailed information about our topic, please see the topic map below. 


The Victorians: Topic Web


​​​​Spring 2 Robin Hood




In spring 2, our topic was Robin Hood. The children really enjoyed this topic and found out the answers to lots of questions, such as;

  • Who was Robin Hood?
  • Where did Robin Hood live?
  • Why does Robin Hood have a bow and arrow?
  • Who are Robin Hood's friends?


It was great to hear that the children shared their enthusiasm and love of this topic with so many of you at home. 


For a more detailed look at our topic, please see the topic map below. 

Spring 2 Topic Map. Robin Hood.

Spring 1 Animaltastic



 In our spring 1 term, our topic was Animaltastic. The children learnt lots of amazing facts about animals. We looked at;

● identifying animals

● sorting them into groups (mammals, reptiles and amphibians)

● learning about the different parts of animals

● investigating what makes a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore




Thank you for all the homework we received this term. The children really enjoyed our Victorian topic and it was great to see their interest reflected in their homework. The children really enjoy showing the rest of their class their homework and we love to see what they have been working on at home. 


This term the homework will be about our topic, Pirates. We will send out a letter about the homework and you can also view it on the link below. This terms homework is due in the week beginning the 16th July. 





Reading is really important at Snape Wood. We want all children to become confident readers, who enjoy reading for pleasure. To support us in this, please make sure you read with your child for at least five minutes a day and write this in your child’s reading diary. When your child reads 10, 20, 30 and 50 books, they will receive a certificate. We already have some children who have achieved the gold certificate for reading 30 books! 



Read,Write Inc


Your child has a RWI phonics lesson every day. The children are grouped depending on their level of phonics knowledge. In their lessons, the children learn sounds, read story books and complete writing activities.


Your child will bring home spellings every Monday which we test on a Friday.



In class 1, we follow the behaviour traffic light system. All children start the day on green. If a child breaks one of our school rules they are given a reminder and asked to change their behaviour. If the child does not correct their behaviour we move their name down to orange. If there is still no improvement the child's name is moved to red.  Children are given the opportunity to move up the traffic light system and we encourage children to work their way back up to green. If a child is on red and their behaviour does not improve they are sent for timeout in another classroom. 


Red cards are sent home if a child is on red at the end of the day or if they display extreme behaviour. If your child brings home a red card, please take the opportunity to talk to your child about their behaviour and sign and return the card.


Green cards are sent home on a Friday to children that have displayed positive behaviour and finished the week without receiving a red card. It is an opportunity for both school and parents to celebrate positive behaviour. The children really enjoy receiving the cards and look forward to bringing them home. If you sign and return your child's green card, they are entered into a prize draw. 




In class one we love to celebrate your child's achievements. We do this in lots of ways, including;


  • Sending messages and badges on the Marvellous Me app
  • Awarding children with superpoints that the children can save and spend in our superpoint shop
  • Giving children stickers or certificates


The children really love having a Marvellous Me sent home. We have lots of people already using the app but if anyone has any problems that they can not solve via the app, please feel free to let us know. For parents who do not have access to the app, your child will receive superpoints, stickers or certificates.





If you would like your child to have milk at break time please order this at reception. Milk costs £1 a week. Children that are entitled to free milk, will continue to receive it. 



Your child will bring home letters, newsletters, homework and spellings throughout the term. If you need another copy of any of our letters, please let us know as we now have copies in our classroom.


Your child should have now brought home the KS1 Newsletter. If you have missed it, please see the link below;



This term PE is on Tuesday. Please send your child with a labelled PE kit with trainers or plimsolls.

Reading diaries need to be in school every day. 

Please label your child's uniform, especially jumpers and cardigans. This will help us return any lost items. 


Head Lice



We would advise that you regularly check your child's hair for head lice and treat if necessary. 

Sherwood Forest Trip



Year 1 had an amazing time at Sherwood Forest. Luckily the weather stayed dry and the children had lots of fun exploring Sherwood Forest.


We met our guide Robert who showed the children the typical dress and equipment used in medieval times. Robert told us lots of stories about Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.


The children were really excited to see Robin Hood's hideout the Major Oak tree. They were also luckily enough to go inside a hollow tree (like the Major Oak) called the Minor Oak. 


In the afternoon, the children enjoyed working in teams and building dens. 


All of the children behaved incredibly well during our trip and were an absolute credit to the school and to their parents and carers. 




It was really great to see lots of children dressed in red to support Red Nose Day. The children really enjoyed wearing their red clothes and the money raised is really appreciated. Thank you for your donations. We raised £140 for Comic Relief. 

World Book Day


The children in our class had a great time celebrating world book day this year. We based our activities around a Dick King-Smith book called the Hodgeheg. The book is about a family of hedgehogs who are unable to cross the road safely to visit a local park. Little Max is determined to solve the problem and get his family safely across the road. The children really enjoyed listening to the story and made some great predictions about what might happen to Max and his family.


During the day we;

  • Discussed road safety
  • Completed an activity about the things we should do in order to cross the road safely
  • Predicted what might happen next in the story
  • Wrote some super sentences about our predictions
  • Made hedgehogs, using leaves that we collected outside


The children really enjoyed dressing up and it certainly inspired them to talk about their costumes, characters and favourite books. The children have all brought home a book token which can be used in many book shops. The token allows the children to get a free book (selected titles)  or £1 off any book worth £2.99 or more. 


Thank you to parents and carers for your support.




Things you can do at home


Practice or learn letter sounds 

Play phonics games 

Read together

Spend time talking about what your child is learning at school

Learn weekly spellings

Counting together

Practice writing and ordering numbers



Thank you for your support

Miss Williams


Mrs Koulouri 

Miss Brown

Miss Wheat