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Class 3


Welcome to Class Three!

Class Teacher: Mr Wright

Class Teaching Assistant: Miss Dean

Welcome to class three’s page. Here you will find handy information about the learning that we do in class, including topic resources, homework ideas, spelling lists, and useful links.

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The rainforest. One of the world's most diverse and interesting habitats. Should we carry on living our comfortable lifestyles and allow the rainforest to disappear forever? Or do we need to take a stand quickly, before it's too late and help this amazing ecosystem recover and thrive? This half term we will be looking at hard-hitting questions such as this in order to understand that everything we buy and eat is linked so closely to the rest of the planet. Should we eat a huge amount of chocolate when the rainforest is burned down to help produce it? Should we interfere in the lives of tribes who have lived peacefully in isolation for hundreds and hundreds of years? Debate and discussion take centre-stage as we learn how to be global citizens in the 21st century.


We will get practical too using a variety of media to explore art and animals of the rainforest as well as using materials to build objects. Music and dance will be used to immerse ourselves in the rainforest and tribal life.


Gather your kit and come join us on a tour of one of the world's most beautiful and useful places! 

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How did the Tudors change England forever?
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This half term we are going to be learning all about the Tudors! We will travel back in time to look at all aspects of Tudor life such as what they ate, what they wore and much, much more! We will explore the world as the Tudors knew it and find out what exciting discoveries legends such as Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh found on their adventures.


We will learn about the famous artist Holbein and why he was chosen to paint the royal family of the time before creating our own Tudor style crest. We will sing Greensleeves and the songs about Henry and his six wives!


This period of history is dirty, filthy, disgusting and absolutely awesome because of it. After five weeks we will all be able to understand why the Tudors are still fascinating today. 


Please have a go at one of the homework projects and learn something new about the Tudors (you can do more than one).

In class we have been learning about Henry VIII and his six wives. We have been singing this song to help us learn what happened to each wife and why. Please use this link to help your child learn the song!

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Helping your child


This half term we are taking part in a research project as a part of the Nottingham Schools Trust. This is associated with fluency in additive and subtractive facts. What this means is that children need to know all of the adding facts up to 10 + 10 and 20 - 18 without counting on their fingers and immediately. If you could help your child to learn these facts then it will make all of their future maths much easier because they won't have to worry about calculating simple addition facts. 


The grid below shows the facts that need to be learned. They are learning them in class but all help would be great! Many thanks!



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Who are our Neighbours?
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This half term we are going to being delving into the continent of Europe. We will be looking at all of the countries that surround us. What do they eat? What do they wear? What languages do they speak? These are the kinds of questions that we will be answering over the next six weeks. In English we will look at the fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers and see what the sinister origins were, compared to the new versions that we read today. 


We began by exploring a rucksack packed for a European adventure. We will celebrate the end of the topic by making and eating European food so bring your taste buds!

What did the Romans do for us?

What did the Romans do for us? 1

It’s that time of year again, the half term in the lead up to the C-word! This half term we are going to be studying the Romans. We are going to look at the origins of the Romans, where they came from and why they wanted to invade Britain. History, geography, English, music, art and even food will be used to allow the children to access the past!

In English we are going to be using the book Outcast by Rosemary Suttcliff to write our own adventure stories and learn what Roman life was like in Britain. We will then use all of our accumulated knowledge to write non-chronological reports about Roman life in Britain. Please look at the information below to see what we are learning in more detail and to check on the homework projects.

This topic is a personal passion of mine, as I completed a Classics degree at university, so if you would like any extra information or ideas, come and see me!

What happened before History?
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How do we know what happened before there were books to tell us? This half term we begin at the time when homo sapiens evolved out of Africa and spread across the globe. We will learn about archaeology and the different methods that we can use to find out the secrets of people who lived thousands of years ago. We will follow the journey through from the Paleolithic, through the Mesolithic and into the Neolithic before the Iron Age sprung up and life and warfare changed forever. We will learn to bake Stone Age Bread and taste it before comparing it to modern bread. 



The book fair will be arriving in school soon, with hundreds of new children's books to browse and buy. There are over 200 titles for you and your child to choose from. Books start at £2.99. Every book that is brought from the fair helps the school as we also receive free books.



This half term we are going to continue with our Rainforest topic. This has been an exciting topic that the children have really loved doing, have engaged with and come up with amazing contributions. This half term our focus shifts to the animals of the rainforest, the sounds of the rainforest, why the rainforest is being destroyed and what we can do to help save it. 


We have had a half term off from science but this half term we are back with a bang and will be looking at light! We will be studying the following questions in order to explore what light is and how we can manipulate it: Are you afraid of the dark? How do you make a reflection? Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? What does light travel through? How does light get from there to here? What's hiding in the shadows? This will be a fun exploration through light and will involve lots of practical learning, here's hoping that we get the weather to do it!






Our topic for this half term is: Who are our Neighbours?


During this half term we are going to be looking at the continent of Europe and what cultural norms, both similar and different, make up the countries that we are close to.


We are going to learn what life was like to be a famous French artist, see if we have what it takes to become a professional footballer in Germany, take a tour of Spain following the route of the Vuelta cycle race, dance like we are in the Bolshoi in Russia before making a choice to learn about either southern Italy or plan the Winter Olympics in Norway.


Spring Term 1: What did the Romans ever do for us?

Our topic this term so far has been the Romans. During this time, we have and will be studying the geography of Italy, Roman Britain, the Roman army, the structure of Roman Society, food and hygiene.

Here are some useful links you can use to find out more information on the Romans:





We know that it is often hard to find enough time in the day to read but it really is so important. Reading gives children the chance to travel the world and enjoy new experiences; all while sat looking at pages of paper. Scientific research even says that when you read you actually experience the emotions and the events of the story, just like the character!

With this is mind please find time to try to read every day, even if it is only 5 minutes.

Also, please make sure that your child is bringing their reading diary into school every day so that we can keep track of their reading. In addition, we celebrate those children reading at least 3 times a week on a Friday!



We learn different spellings every week in Class 3, depending on which Read, Write, Inc. (Phonics group) your child is in. Please practice these ready for a test on Friday. If you would like to support your child with spelling, you can find the key words for each age group in the reading diary; these words are the most common we use in our speaking and writing daily.



Lend a Hand...

If you would like to help with your child’s learning then there is now a variety of resources right at our fingertips on the internet (just a bit different from when we were all at school!) These can be used to support key skills in maths, writing and reading and they aren’t all dull and boring!



In Class 3 homework consists of spellings and reading on a daily basis. Every half term a homework project list is sent out which is related to our topic. These projects are important to the children’s learning in a variety of ways; they can deepen their knowledge in an area that has interested them, or they gain the chance to learn something in an area of the topic that we have only been able to touch upon in class. Ask them about Roman baths and the toilets!



  • Remember that PE kit needs to be in school on a Wednesday.
  • School uniform needs to be worn at all times during the school day, trainers or non-formal shoes are not a part of our uniform and we love seeing the children looking smart.