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Class 6


Welcome to Class 6's Page!

Here is where you will find all the necessary information about Class 6. Please let me know if anything is missing/ not working.

Class Teacher: Miss Eckersley

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Huthwaite

Spring Term


Welcome to Spring Term Two. This half term, Class Six will be preparing for their SATs Tests. 

Please see the SATs timetable below for more information about the topics that we will be covering between now and May. Please note that these activities and sessions my be subject to change, following practise papers or due to events in school. This is just an outline to support year 6 and ensure that the revision reflects the needs of the children. Please support your child by helping them to use the revision books provided by school. Together we will ensure that our children reach their potential.


DATES for SATs  papers:

SATs Revision Timetable 2017-18

Helpful Websites

Hear are some websites our Year 6 pupils might find helpful with KS2 SAT's Revision!


For Children




The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions 
to help you prepare for the National Tests in English. 

These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to 
help students with their revision. 


You might like to try some spelling practise on this BBC spelling site



For spelling practice, Ambleside Primary offer an automated Look, Cover, Write, Check 
word bank. Really useful for brushing up on Key Stage 2 spellings.



This site will help with the new spelling, grammar and punctuation tests (you may need to make an account).





Get your head around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Take a 
visit to Gere's Bike Shop and help them read their graphs and charts. Practise 
working out the mode, median and mean for a set of numbers. Take a look at 
time, mass and capacity. Investigate the properties of different shapes. Get your 
brain ticking with some mental maths questions. 


A daily practise to keep those brain cells sharp


Practise your tables with the games and activities on this fun site. 



For Parents


Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It 
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy 
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 


The School Run is a great website which offers free help on understanding grammar

terminology, as well as tips for how to help your child with their revision. There is also

an option to pay to upgrade to have access to their full collection of resources, too:


Grammar Glossary: 


Tips for surviving SATs as a parent:


Tips for English:


Some Extra Tips:


They may be your child’s SATs but there’s plenty you can do to help their revision go smoothly. Try these ideas from parenting expert Sue Atkins for stress-free, productive study.


  1. Schedule time. Help your child revise by rearranging your family’s schedules and usual priorities around their work.
  2. Relax about chores. Be more lenient with their untidiness and jobs around the house.
  3. Be patient. Try to be understanding and tolerant of their moods and lost tempers.
  4. Stay positive. Don’t nag, blame or criticise them about their revision. Try to talk to them in a relaxed and constructive way, helping them to plan their time or to get the help they need.
  5. Create the right environment. Make sure the house is conducive to studying. Younger siblings need to understand that they mustn’t interrupt study and the TV and music shouldn’t be too loud. But also accept that some children actually study better with background music or noise.
  6. Kit them out. Give practical help, such as buying the correct equipment – pens, compasses or highlighters. This takes away the last minute stress of not being prepared, too.
  7. Plan treats. Suggest a family treat each week or at the end of the tests to give your child something to look forward to. Let them choose what they would like.
  8. Give them a good start. Prepare a hearty breakfast every morning and be there to give them a positive send off.
  9. Offer encouragement. Be calm, positive, encouraging, kind and compassionate. Let your child know that you love them, respect their efforts, and will be there to support them regardless of their results.
  10. Make time for fun. Remember to still have a laugh together. A smile is a curve that puts a lot of things straight!


Spring Term 1


Find out what we are learning about this half term and keep up to date with upcoming events from our latest newsletter (link below). You will also find links to our Topic Map and Topic Homework Projects. 


Homework for this half term is due on Monday 12th March 2018.


Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2018! We hope that you have had a pleasant Christmas and are back and ready to learn!

Please see above for our Newsletter, Topic Map for this half term and Homework Projects.


Autumn Term 2


Find out what we are learning about this half term and keep up to date with upcoming events from our latest newsletter (link below). You will also find links to our Topic Map and Topic Homework Projects. 


Homework for this half term is due on Monday 18th December 2017.



Welcome Back!

Firstly, I would like to wish a very warm welcome back to all of Year 6 and to parents and carers. I I hope that you all had a lovely half-term break, and are back and ready to learn!


Year Six is an exciting time and I aim to ensure that the children will be working hard and challenging themselves to become excellent, enthusiastic and independent learners for when they move on to secondary school. We have got a brand-new, exciting term to look forward to, crammed with opportunities for the children to explore and deepen their understanding on what they have learned in previous years.


What's new?

Class Six are really looking forward to their trip to Cadbury World on Friday, 24th November. Please ensure that your child arrives in full school uniform no later than 8:15am. We are anticipating a slightly later return to school, due to traffic - we hope to return to school by 4:00pm.





Pride Points

Keep up to date with how many points your child has got by logging into Class Dojo! So far, we have over half of our parents in Class 6 connected up to see what their child is learning in the Classroom and beyond! Click the Class Dojo image below to find out more:


At Snape Wood, we believe that every child should feel proud to be a part of our school and so we have introduced PRIDE points. Each letter represents an aspect of our school values:


P - Posititive attitude

R - Respectful

I - Inquisitive

D - Determination

E - Empathy

Marvellous Me has also been replaced with...Image result for class dojo


We will be using class dojo in the classroom to record PRIDE points. Children can still collect points and spend them in the PRIDE points shop. You can also follow what's happening in our classroom using our new Class Dojo page by clicking on the picture above! 



   Tea with the Teacher!   

There will be a meeting once a month where you can drop into the classroom after school to find out how  your child is getting on and what you can do to further support your child as we approach SATs. Our first meeting will be on:

Tuesday 5th September 2017, 15:20 - 16:20


Autumn Term Learning

We will be looking at the Maya Civilisation for our topic this half term! Below is also a brief summary of what we are learning this half term:


English: we will be revising Instruction texts and Non-Chronological reports. Through these text types, we will be studying a range of grammar features for writing and practising our reading inference skills.


Maths: we will begin with place value revision, then move on to securing mental and written calculation strategies for subtraction, addition and multiplication, including understanding place value of larger digit numbers. A knowledge of  and an ability to recall number facts quickly will give children a great advantage—keep practising those    number facts and times tables!


Science: we will be looking at the circulatory system and the heart, the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle and the effect of drugs and alcohol on the body. Our Art this half term will focus on our Science topic, which is shaping up to be a creative learning opportunity!


Computing: We will be looking at visual programming language, using Scratch to command ‘sprites’ to process different tasks.


RE: our chosen religion for study is Islam. We will be looking at the 5 pillars and studying the different religious festivals that occur in the Islamic year.


PSHE/SEAL: Our theme is New Beginnings. We will have the opportunity to discuss the year ahead, set targets for learning and talk about our feelings, as well as developing a growth mind-set.




What you can do to help



We have handed out reading diaries for the year. Please ensure that your child looks after their diary as replacements will cost £5.00. Please ensure that your child is reading at least 3 times a week and that their diary is signed by an adult.


PE Kit

Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on Monday, and that they take their kit home to wash on Fridays.

Useful Links