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Hello everyone and welcome to the Comets homepage!


Welcome back to the second half of our Autumn half term. I hope your child had an enjoyable first half term and has returned to school ready for more fabulous learning! We will be recognising numbers, shapes and we are currently beginning to learn about adding and subtracting during our maths lessons, whilst developing our knowledge of letters and sounds in phonics. We will be focussing on an array of topics such as 'Ourselves, Around the World and Mixed up Fairytales.' I look forward to seeing you taking part in your child's learning during 'Stay & Play' sessions, if you are able to, this half term.


Please remember, if you have any worries or concerns, feel free to come in for a chat after school or send me a message on class dojo.



Meet The Staff

Meet The Staff 1 Miss Bradley - Class Teacher

Our Topic This Half Term is...


Around the World


This half term we will be thinking all about our the world around us. We will also be looking at different countries and looking for similarities and differences. Our learning will focus around 7 key questions;

Who celebrates Diwali?

What is it like in China?

Where do cheeky monkeys live?

What country do we live in?

What other places are in Europe?

What do we know about Christmas?

How is Christmas celebrated around the world?


In maths we will be recapping our skills of finding 1 or 2 more than a given number. After which we will be focussing primarily on our addition and subtraction skills this half term.



Here are a few things we have been doing already

Important documents you might want to see!

Here are a few of our documents to help you see in greater depth what we have learnt about and what we will be learning in the coming half term.

Our Long Term Plan - The children will build this as we move through the year!

Games and Information

Here are some links for you and your child that may be useful. If you find any more then let me know!

Great Games and Learning Opportunities For Your Child At Home

Here are some great links to different games for your child at home.


CBeebies - great for a variety of fun activities


ICT games - great for educational games offering activities across the whole curriculum.


Top Marks - great for educational games offering activities across the whole curriculum.

Useful Links For Parents

Here are useful links for parents.


Tapestry Online Learning Journey


Class Dojo


Early Years Foundation Stage: Guide for Parents


Synthetic Phonics - Helping your child to read






Things You Can Do At Home

To help your child become independent, why not try some of these activities at home?

Dress and undress independently including doing up their own buttons, coat and shoes

Encourage them to tidy up their bedrooms or help with the washing up

Use the toilet and wash their hands independently

Use a knife and fork to eat their dinner

Spend time sharing books before bed

Talk about everyday things after school or whilst travelling on the bus or in the car

Ask questions and be observant whilst shopping or taking walks to the park

Recognise letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make

Practise writing letters

Practise writing their name

Identify different numbers in the environment

Important Dates

First day back after the holidays

Monday 6th November


Christmas Performance

Monday 18th December - PM Performance 2pm

Tuesday 19th December - AM Performance 10am


Our 'WOW' Experience - Meet Santa's Reindeers

Wednesday 20th December - 2pm onwards


Last day before the October Half Term holidays

Friday 22nd December


First day back after Christmas holidays

Monday 8th January