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Geography - The Lion King Topic

The Lion in the Meadow


We looked at the cover of A Lion in the Meadow by Margaret Mahy. We discussed that lions live in Africa and can be found  in Britain, but only in zoos. We discussed what a meadow is. We read the story up to the part where the little boy goes out of the room with the matchbox. We predicted what will happen next. Some of us thought the lion would go away, some of us didn't. We continued reading the story. Some of our predictions were correct, the lion stayed in the house and became friends with the boy, but the dragon stayed too!


We worked in pairs to discuss what happens in the story. We prepared and rehearsed a conversation between the boy and his friend. The friend had to ask the boy what happened. The boy had to explain how he took the matchbox and what happened out in the meadow.

African Animals


Miss Verity had a box of toy animals. We volunteered to pull something out from the box without anyone seeing. We had to describe the animal without naming it e.g. how many legs it has, colour of the animal, where it lives. We had to guess what animal was being described. We talked about our knowledge and experience of these animals. We discussed any animals that were similar to these. We learnt that all these animals have one thing in common; they are all from Africa! 


We learnt that to help study them, scientists have devised ways of grouping (classifying) them according to their similarities and differences. In our teams, we had to sort ourselves into groups based on the animal similarities. We weren't given any help! At the end, we had to explain our choices.



The Pet who Flew


We started to read a tale, The Pet who Flew. We stopped after the pets Tilly would like have been described, we discussed if there are any pets we would like. We phrased our answers as in the text e.g. I would like a giraffe to walk around the garden with me. We discussed if our Mum and Dad give reasons for not getting a pet like Tilly's Mum and Dad.


We worked in pairs and discussed what pet we would have if we could have any pet. We were given a list of questions to help us discuss with our partner.


African Workshop


We made some African masks and learnt an African dance!

The Pet who Flew


Tilly finds out that Swifts fly to Africa every summer. We discussed what we would do if we were Tilly. We discussed what choices we have: to let the swift go or to keep it. We learnt that is called a dilemma where there are two choices. We thought about Tilly's dilemma and decided what is best for her. We were split into 2 teams; For letting the swift go and Against letting it go. Each team had to think of as many reasons as we could as to why we should let it go or not. 

We retold the story The Pet who Flew. We used description and phrases from the text. We looked at how the story can be divided into chapters, 1) The beginning: Tilly asking Mum and Dad for a pet, 2) Tilly’s bird arriving, Tilly finding information at the library, 3) Tilly at school, finding that swifts go to Africa, 4) Tilly & her Dad letting the pet go. We talked about the characters in each part. We discussed how they are feeling and gave examples of acting e.g. Tilly being happy she has a pet, or her Dad being strict, etc. We worked in groups to act out the story making a complete play as a class.