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Rule Britannia Topic

Elizabeth I


We looked back at our class timeline of monarchs - we remembered which queen is Elizabeth I. We know that the current queen is also called Elizabeth, but is the 2nd. We know that Elizabeth I lived a long time ago because of her clothes and because we don't have photos of her, just paintings. We watched a movie clip of Elizabeth's coronation ( a movie, not actual footage!)


We noticed that people stood still, Elizabeth was led, the Bishop crowned her and there was choral music.


We learnt more about Elizabeth's life as Queen, and the Tudor times that she lived in. We were given 'life then and now' images in groups and sorted them. We know things like electricity didn't exist at the time of Elizabeth I. We discussed what we like and don't like about Tudor times.

Elizabethan Tales


We were given, in each group, an ‘Elizabethan tale’ and had to create a short role-play that told our tale – we then shared our role-play and the story with the class. We also got to share them in assembly, which you can see on our Class Page!



Sleeping Beauty


We read Sleeping Beauty. Some of us have watched the film. We watched the part of the Walt Disney version where the wicked fairy comes to the party and casts her spell and the good fairy changes it.  We discussed differences and similarities between the film and the story in book form. They had the same plot, same main characters and same setting. But they were different in that some characters differ from how we imagined them and there were slightly different parts of the story… We chose which one we preferred.


We worked in pairs. One of us became the Wicked Fairy and our partner became the Good Fairy. We had to imagine and act out the conversation between these two after the party.  




We have watched a video and read different versions of the story Cinderella. We learnt that it is a traditional tale. We learnt that we call this type of traditional tale a 'fairy story' because this type of traditional tale often involves magic, fairies, princesses, princes and castles.


We looked at different Cinderella books together in groups. We commented on the story and illustrations. We discussed how the versions of the story are the same and different to each other. We read clearly with expression.

The Princess and the Pea


We read the story The Princess and the Pea and discussed it. We described what happened in each part in our own words. We then acted it out in groups.

The Pea and the Princess


We read The Pea and the Princess by Mini Grey. As we read this, we spotted the gardener-girl we could see through the window on lots of pages. We realised that this is the girl who turns up at the door the next night. We looked at the end - The prince & his bride are gardening in the palace allotment! We looked back through book at the vegetable images on the wall paper, etc. We discussed why this gardening focus is appropriate since the story is being told by the pea itself!


We then worked in small groups to read different versions of The Princess and the Pea (Lauren Child, Mini Grey and conventional version).