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Afternoon Task

Today's independent task is

to complete an A-Z Scavenger Hunt

(this sounds easier than it actually is - you have to get very creative with your ideas!)


For our PSHE Learning today we are going to get active and explore the world around us. We are going to be looking really carefully at the objects and people we have around us to complete an A-Z Scavenger Hunt.

You can draw / write or collage your scavenger hunt - however you choose! Have fun - remember to explore everywhere - indoors and outdoors if you can too!


A - apple (from the fruit bowl)

B - belts (in the wardrobe)

C - controller (for the TV)

D - Domino (naturally)

I've started mine


Challenge - if you want to make it really difficult for yourself - why not stick to only one room? You will have to be really, really creative with your thinking then! Good Luck!


Remember to take a photo and send it to me on class dojo!