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Use this time today to work on your explanation texts.  


Make sure you have an introduction and have included all the steps we have looked at in the honey making process.


Look at the success criteria below, which shows all the different types of grammar and language that your explanation text should have in it.


Success Criteria

  1. I have used causal conjunctions e.g. consequently, as a result.
  2. I have used sequencing conjunctions e.g. firstly, after, next, finally.
  3. I have used technical language e.g. process, complex, regurgitation.
  4. I have used synonyms e.g. bees ----> creatures.
  5. I have used expanded noun phrases to add detail– adjective, adjective, noun e.g. colourful, scented flowers.
  6. I have used adjectives and adverbs.
  7. I have included interesting facts.