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Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School
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Foundation Unit (Buds, Blossoms and Acorns)

Welcome to EYFS!

Snape Wood Primary and Nursery Schools' EYFS team are excited to join our classes Buds and Blossoms (children in Nursery) and Acorns (children in Reception) on our journey to becoming independent, successful learners.


Miss Standring - The unit's Class Teacher

Miss Burley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dean - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brock - Teaching Assistant

General Information/News

If your child is due to begin School in September 2020 you should have received, completed and returned an application form. If you need another application form, please pop into the schools reception office to collect a copy.

Key dates


Thursday 3rd September Back to school - See transition times (different for children in Nursery and Reception)                                   
Thursday 10th September Children begin 'normal' times as stated in the transition information packs
Friday 16th October Last day of Autumn term 1
Monday 2nd November Back to school - Autumn term 2


AUTUMN Term Learning in School - 'All About Me!'

Games and Learning Opportunities at Home

Here are some great links to different games for your child to complete lots of learning at home.

Things you can do at home


To help your child become independent, why not try some of these activities at home?

  • Let your child dress and undress independently including doing up their own buttons, coat and shoes
  • Encourage them to tidy up their bedrooms or help with the washing up
  • Use the toilet as independently as possible and get them to wash their hands on their own
  • Use a knife and fork to eat their dinner
  • Spend time sharing books before bed
  • Talk about everyday things after school or whilst travelling on the bus or in the car
  • Ask questions and be observant whilst shopping or taking walks to the park
  • Recognise letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  • Practise writing letters
  • Practise writing their name
  • Identify different numbers in the environment
  • Practise counting to 20 forwards and backwards - link to songs
  • Sing nursery rhymes

Useful Links for parents