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HeadTeachers Updates!

Headteacher Update 14.9.22


Dear SWPS Families


What a great start to the term.  The children have come back to school eager to learn.  The start of the term has been a sad one.  We would like to offer the Royal family our condolences on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


We have started the term with our first curriculum overviews - please look out for them on class Dojo and class pages on the website. 


RSHE Parent consultation and Survey 2022


We are currently reviewing our provision of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) whichever you use). 


RSHE is an important part of our school curriculum covering areas such as healthy relationships, mental health, puberty, keeping safe and healthy eating. 


This teaching helps children to make informed decisions, to show respect to self and others and to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy.  It also prepares them for further learning at secondary school.


Parents are key to the success of our provision.  To support us with our review we would like to hear your views on what we currently deliver and how it can be improved.  This will help us to fully meet the needs of our children. 


We would appreciate it if you could complete the survey by clicking on the link  (or copy and paste to your browser)-  this should only take 5-10 minutes. 


We will publish the key findings from the survey and how we have or will respond to any suggestions raised.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Choudhury


Headteacher Update 9.9.22


Dear SWPS Families

Welcome back to all our children and families.  We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year.  The children are all learning about the Poet - Joseph Coelho, this week. I am sure they will share all the details as the week progresses.


We have an exciting and eventful year planned.  We have hit the ground running with our extra-curricular activities.  Please fill in the forms and send back to school to secure your child's space.


The children have also taken pupil leadership role application form.  Please support them in writing their applications.  The deadline is on Monday 12th September.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II Passing:


We are saddened to hear the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, yesterday. Our condolences and thoughts are with the royal family at this difficult and sad time.

During our assembly, we will pay tribute to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  We understand that some children may be affected by this, please be assured, all staff will have access to strategies to support them. Please find the link attached – you may find this useful at home too.

National Grief Awareness Week: How to talk to a young child about death - BBC Tiny Happy People



Headteacher Update 27.07.22

Dear SWPS Families

Wow! We made it and what a year it has been.  It would not have been possible without your support and patience throughout the year.

The children have settled into their new classes and have done some fantastic transition work – cannot wait to display their work around school.

We bid a fond farewell to our year 6’s as they start their new adventures at secondary school. Please join us and wish them all the best.

Please note that school will be closed over the summer.  We have 2 Inset days.  School open to Reception, Y1.Y2.Y3.Y4.Y5 and Y6 on the 7th September at 8:40 am.

Nursery will open on Monday 12th September 2022 at 8:40 am.

Please see the school holiday calendar below and also the school uniform protocol.

Finally, please have a safe and happy summer with loved ones.  Please keep checking the website for updates. If you have any queries at any time, we are here for you – please contact school.



Dear SWPS Families


Firstly, a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the grown ups that managed to attend our Jubilee Concert and the ‘Picnic’ afterwards.  This was a huge success and it was great to see so many of you.  Hope you thoroughly enjoyed it.  The children and staff did so well.


Weather update for next week:

I am sure that you have all been keeping up with the weather updates for next week. The Met office have issued a Red Warning for the East Midlands.  Temperatures have been forcast to reach 38 degrees on Tuesday.


The DfE, via their blog, have issued the following guidance. It is mostly a repeat of the information that I sent earlier in the week, with the following statement included:

"We aren’t advising schools to close during high temperatures, but school leaders should make sure they take any steps necessary to make sure children are safe and comfortable."


They have issued the following document to advise regarding the weather:


Snape Wood primary will remain open and there are no plans to close.  We are implementing the following to ensure our children are safe at school during these extreme weather condition and adhering to the guidance released:


School strategies:

  • Children will have access to water throughout the day – chilled.
  • Children will have short bursts of fresh air in the shaded areas – top of field under the tree, outside year 3 and Y4 under the trees, under the tree by the trim trails, Pop up Gazebos placed outside the windows in Y5/6 to allow shade.
  • All blinds will be drawn.
  • Site Manager will open the windows early morning and close them as the air outdoors warms – 11:00 am approx.
  • Internal windows will be opened to allow flow of air.
  • Lights will be turned off when not required.
  • We have adjusted the school menu to ensure on Tuesday, it is a cold lunch and ice-cream.  Packed Lunch children will have their lunch in class and school dinners will be in the dining room and learning rooms – the internal fan will extract warm air out.
  • EYFS will do learning indoors and have fresh air breaks under the canopy.  A Gazebo will be available to allow for any shade required outdoors.
  • P.E will not take place on Monday or Tuesday due to the extreme hot weather.
  • Swimming is cancelled due to the humidity in the swimming baths.  This is a change from the original plan, which was to transport the children to and from the baths, however, due to the updated information, school have decided that under the circumstances, all physical activities will not take place.
  • EYFS Sports Day has been rescheduled to Thursday morning as a result of the weather warning.



School Uniform:

Children must come in their school P.E uniform (with some adjustments):

Shorts (Black, navy, Grey)

T-Shirts (White, grey, blue, black) No Logo

Trainers or sandals.


Please make sure that the clothing is light (cotton or linen if possible)


What can parents do to help?

  • Make sure children are in P.E uniform as above
  • Children have a water bottle
  • Children have a cap or hat
  • Children have or wear sun cream.
  • Ensure children are in school

Health and Safety Precautions:

All staff will have read the DFE guidance and all First Aiders will be on duty to support any children requiring any intervention.


Staff will be vigilant and look out for any symptoms and notify First Aiders and follow the recommended guidance from DFE:


Here are the signs of heat related medical conditions in children

The signs of heat stress are:

  • Children may seem out of character and show signs of discomfort and irritability. These signs can include those listed below for heat exhaustion and will worsen if left untreated leading to heat exhaustion and/or heatstroke

The signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • tiredness
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • hot, red, and dry skin
  • confusion

Signs of heatstroke include

  • high body temperature – a temperature of or above 40°C (104°F) is a major sign of heatstroke
  • red, hot skin and sweating that then suddenly stops
  • fast heartbeat
  • fast shallow breathing
  • confusion/lack of co-ordination
  • fits
  • loss of consciousness

For more information on heat related illnesses visit the Department for Health and Social Care’s website.


If a child is suffering from heat related illness these are the steps you should take

  1. Move the child to as cool a room as possible and encourage them to drink cool water (such as water from a cold tap).
  2. Cool the child as rapidly as possible, using whatever methods you can. For example, sponge or spray the child with cool (25 to 30°C) water – if available, place cold packs around the neck and armpits, or wrap the child in a cool, wet sheet and assist cooling with a fan.
  3. Dial 999 to request an ambulance if the person doesn’t respond to the above treatment within 30 minutes.
  4. School will contact parent or guardian.

SEND and any individualised provision:

  • All children who have an individualised plan, school will ensure that their plans are followed and provision in place.

I hope this outlines any concerns you may have regarding the safety of your child or children during this extreme weather.  If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact school.

Thank you for your continued support. By working together, we can ensure that our children are safe and well.

Kind Regards

Mrs Shewley Choudhury






Good Morning SWPS Families

A huge 'Thank you' to all the children and grown-ups for another fantastic week. Thank you for your continued support. We raised £170 for Red Nose Day. The prizes for colouring in etc will be on Monday.

I want to share some sad news that occurred on Thursday. One of our families had a house fire. They have lost everything. We are thankful that they are safe and well. Sadly, one of their kittens had perished in the fire - our condolences to the family.

School and the community are thinking of ways to help and support the family.

Some community members have set up a 'GoFundMe' page. If you would like to contribute, then please follow the link - you can copy and paste:

There is also a collection tin set up by the community - it is available in the front office.

If you are able to, then we are appealing for some donations of the following items. Please make sure that any item donated, is of good clean condition.

Adult Male: clothes size Large: Shoe size: 9

Adult Male: clothes size XL: Shoe size: 9

Adult female: clothes size 16: Shoe size: 5

Adult female: clothes size 18-20: Shoe size: 6

Child Female: clothes size 12-13 yrs: Shoe size: 3

Child Female: clothes size 10-11 yrs: Shoe size: 2

Child male: clothes size 6-7yrs: Shoe size: 10

Thank you all again for your continued support and I am humbled by the response so far from our school community to support the family. Thank you.

Please have a lovely weekend and spend time with your loved ones. These are precious moments. Stay safe and well.



Good evening SWPS Families


I hope you have had a pleasant weekend and managed to spend quality time with the children.  What a week we have had!  We had a visit from 2 Inspirational sports personalities, who were great role models for the children – Emily Campbell – Gold medal Olympian for weight lifting and Leon Baptist – twice gold medallist for sprinting in the Commonwealth Games. The children were truly inspired and have completed some fantastic work regarding their hopes and aspirations.


We have the parent/carer consultations this week.  Please use the on-line booking system to book your slot.  If you are unable to do this, then send a Class Dojo message to your child’s class teacher and they will book a slot for you.

Reminder for the consultations this week:

Monday 11.10.21
Y5/6 – (13:15 – 18:00) In the Gym – entry through the Gym and exit through Car park.  Only one grown up per child. 
Nursery 11.10.21 – 15:30 – 18:00) In the Nursery.  Entry into Nursery – please wait and look through any work for your child.  Miss Standring will call you through to the consultation room when it is your turn.

Tuesday 12.10.21
Y3/4 – (13:15 – 8:00) In the Gym – entry through the Gym and exit through Car park.  Only one grown up per child.

Thursday 14.10.21
Y1/2 – (13:15 – 18:00) In the Gym – entry through the Gym and exit through Car park.  Only one grown up per child.
Reception: (14:00 – 18:00) – In the meeting room.  Please wait in the main reception.  Miss Johal will call you into the meeting room when it is your turn. Please leave through the car park via the meeting room exit.

Please fill in the parent survey so that we can find out what is working well and what we need to improve as a school so that the provision provided at SWPS is the best it can be.

Please also update the social media consent form for all your children.  Please put all the completed forms in the trays provided.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Choudhury 




Good Afternoon SWPS Families

Please find below outlining our strategies for this years first parent consultation.  It will be face to face but limited to one adult per child. This is to ensure that we are all safe and minimise exposure to the Covid-19 virus - It is still on the rise! There will not be any child care facilities as before - hence, why we have decided to have the session during the school day.  Sessions will start at 13:30 and finish at 18:00 to allow for working households.


We are using the on-line booking system.  Please watch out for the email.  Check your clutter or junk.  Any questions, please let us know via Class Dojo. Please make sure that school has an up to date email address, as it will be required for booking and future correspondence.


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Choudhury



Parent consultation sessions for Autumn 2021


Dear SWPS Families


We are delighted to announce that we want to hold our Parent consultations this year face to face.  However, due to the Covid-19 virus cases still on the rise, we will be implementing the following procedures to ensure that our consultations are safe and informative.

We are unable to offer childcare at this time.  As a result, we are holding the sessions close to the school day as possible.

We will be holding the consultations split throughout 3 afternoons for 2-year groups at a time:


Y5/6: Monday 11.10.21 13:20 – 18:00 – in the Gym

Y3/4: Tuesday 12.10.21 13:20 – 18:00 – in the Gym

Y1/2: Thursday 14.10.21 13:30 – 18:00 – in the Gym

Reception: Thursday 14.10.21 14:00 – 18:00 – in the Meeting Room (enter through Breakfast door and leave out of meeting room via car park)


Nursery will be holding a celebration session in that week for morning and afternoon sessions. Please look out for details from the EYFS team.

COVID-19 Safety pre-cautions:

  • Masks are to be worn by staff and families
  • Only 1 grown up permitted to avoid mass gatherings. 
  • Appointment times will be strictly adhered to
  • Entry will be via the main entrance Gym door and exit after your appointment through the car park – staff will be there to guide.


Please see the appointment slots at the bottom – please be reminded it will be first come first served. We are moving to our on-line booking system – please look out for the email and messages. If you are unable to use the booking system, then message school via email or Class Dojo.  We will try to give your first preference, if not we will try to give the closest time chosen. You will be notified of your time via: Class Dojo or Text.

 Or via the on-line booking system.



























































Child’s Name





Thank you for your continued support

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Shewley Choudhury



Good afternoon SWPS Families


I just want to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone.  We have had a fabulous start to the term.  The children have been busy learning and producing some fantastic work.  We will start to upload these on the school website and class pages.



Please make sure that you log onto class dojo.  The children will have the same log in but the invite will come from their new class teacher.  Please ensure that you try this so that we can have a robust communication system.




There has been a positive Covid case in school - the class and the members concerned have been notified.




A huge thank you for following our entry and exit requirements.  Please support school and try to maintain as much distance from other parents whilst waiting for your child.


Please make sure you walk all the way round the school to exit at home time.  If you have any questions, then please let me know - or contact school.


Thank you again for your continued support.

Mrs Choudhury

Headteacher Update 4.9.21

Dear SWPS families


I hope that you have all managed to spend quality time with family and friends.  We are excited to welcome the children back into school on Monday 6th September.  Please see the newsletter on the Newsletter section.  I have also emailed it to you.


School will start at 8:45 am.  Please drop your children off at the Aspen Road top gate.  Staff will be present to receive your child and children.  Please give them a huge hug and wave them into school with a huge smile.  Staff have been working hard to ensure that the school is ready and inviting for the children.  They have an exciting fun packed week,  full of learning for them.









When collecting the children, please enter the through the same gate (Aspen Road), children will wait inside their classrooms.  Teachers will release your child to you.  Please then walk around, through the playground and exit via the ToyBox entrance.

If you need to speak to the teacher, please send them a message via Class Dojo, email or contact the school office 0115 9159146.




We will be starting after school clubs very soon - please look out for the newsletters.


Although school is returning to normal school day and protocol, please still remind your child of handwashing and hand sanitising throughout the day.


Thank you for your continued support.  Together, we will ensure that we provide the best education and welfare for all our children.


Please stay safe and well.

Mrs Choudhury




Dear SWPS families

A huge thank you to all our families for supporting your child and school throughout the year.  We are now in the last few weeks of the summer term before we break for the summer on Tuesday 27th July 2021 at your child’s allotted time of dismissal.


Please remember that if your child, or someone in your household, develops symptoms then you must self-isolate and seek a PCR test bookable at, or call 119.

The three main symptoms are:

· a high temperature

· a new, continuous cough

· you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste or it’s changed

If you have one or more of these symptoms then you should not rely on Lateral Flow Device for a test result – you need to book a PCR test.

Please can everyone adhere to government guidance.  Please continue to social distance and wearing of masks when dropping off and collecting your child.


Due to advice from the local authority and government guidelines sports day will be facilitated in school.  We are unable to invite parents in due to guidance.  We will ensure that staff are taking videos and photos.  Please keep an eye out on the class pages and on twitter—please follow @snapewoodpri.  Please look out for letters and Dojo messages from the teachers regarding details for Sports Day.

KS1 and KS2—14.7.21

EYFS and Nursery—15.7.21

Transition to new year groups will take place from 19.7.21.  I will update you on all staffing changes by the end of the week.


Please check the website for e-safety for your child—especially around social media and social media platforms—like TikTok.

Thank you for your continued support.


Warm Regards

Mrs Choudhury



Parent Webinars

Please find below the details for some courses for 'How to support your child at home during this period of lockdown'.  The course fee is 'what you can afford' -





Dear Snape Wood Primary,

Good morning everyone, today we will be sending out a series of letters (via email and repeated on the school website); each letter will be about a specific aspect of how Snape Wood will be operating due to the national lockdown.  

Please read all of the following information very carefully, we are hoping to cover everything parents will need to know, but if there is anything you think we have missed, please don’t hesitate to give school a call and ask.


  • All parents were contacted on 4.1.21 so that we could assess the availability of devices at home in order for us to make a decision about remote learning.
  • If you let the teacher know you were able and willing to support your child with home learning and had enough devices in the house, then the expectations is that home learning takes place EVERYDAY.

THIS IS NOT A GUIDE AND IS STATUTORY - attendance at these sessions will be monitored and if your child does not attend they may be asked to come into school to access learning. (Please see below the section - government expectations)

‘Unlike the previous lockdown in March, where we gave home learning packs, we now will be streaming live lessons via Zoom/Dojo.  This is so we can keep a record of those who are accessing learning from home and those who are not.’

  • We will assess this on a daily/weekly basis and you will receive weekly phone calls from your class teacher where you can give feedback. If there are any issues or need any support, please let the class teacher know and we will do our best to support you in this as best we can.
  • If you are unable to access remote learning, please let the teacher know via dojo or email school on
  • Remote learning is new to us all and so we understand that this may be difficult for those who are working from home and have other commitments but your child’s learning is important.


  • All parents must be signed up to Dojo, where communication about learning will take place.
  • Teachers will set out on Dojo a daily/weekly timetable on Dojo so you are aware when live lessons are taking place and when independent tasks are being set.
  • Teachers will deliver a English, maths, phonics/shared reading session live (between 9-12pm-see dojo for timetable) and set independent work for the afternoon (1-3pm)
  • Parents/children must submit the independent work set on class dojo by the end of day at 3pm.
  • Teachers will keep a record of those children who are completing work and those who are not.
  • Feedback on learning will happen during the live learning sessions in the morning.
  • If you need support to access dojo or Zoom please contact the class teacher or ring the school office where we are happy to support you.
  • Teachers are available from 8.30am if you need support to set up zoom live lessons or have any queries-please use dojo for this. Please be aware that teachers are under no obligation to respond to messages outside of this time so if it is an urgent query please contact the school office.
  • On Friday’s each pupil will receive 4 set tasks  from their year group teachers:
  1. Times Tables Rock Stars (30 minute session)        
  2. Wider curriculum task (1hour task)     
  3. KS1/EYFS-phonics activity (30minutes)     KS2-reading activity 30minutes)      
  4. Home reading with parent (20minutes)
  • On the school website, there are additional links to online learning videos where children’s learning can be supplemented.
  • Each pupil will need to upload their independent work on Friday to Dojo and teachers will keep a record of this.
  • Each pupil/parent will receive (once a week) wellbeing/follow up phone calls from a member of staff working from home (this will be from a withheld number).

Government expectations:

  • Schools are required to (on a daily basis) track and monitor the number of pupils completing and uploading work.
  • If pupils are not uploading work, school are required to make additional phone calls (this will be from a member of Senior Leadership Team) and where needed home visits will be made.
  • If you as a family need support with home learning, PLEASE contact school via or the office 01159159146 and speak to a member of SLT (Mrs Choudhury, Miss Williams and Mrs Howarth)

This is a difficult time for us all. If you need support in anyway, please contact school. Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Choudhury

Head Teacher















Dear Snape Wood Primary,

Good afternoon everyone, today we will be sending out a series of letters (via email and repeated on the website); each letter will be about a specific aspect of how Snape Wood will be operating due to the national lockdown.



Please find below important information about ‘Keyworker School’ from Wednesday 6th January 2021.

  • Keyworker School will be open for the normal school hours Monday – Thursday 8.45-3.15.
  • Normal staggered start and finish times apply to your child’s year group. Please drop off your child at their allocated gate.
  • Packed lunches must be in a plastic disposable bag. Normal l lunchtime meals will be available if you wish; the catering team will be following the current menu. These will need to be paid for via bank transfer (BACS) unless you are entitled to free school meals. You can choose to send your child with a packed lunch if you prefer.
  • Key worker pupils are expected to wear normal school uniform each day. They may bring additional hoodies or jumper to keep warm due to open window for ventilation.
  • They MUST bring a named water bottle and their reading book and diary with them each morning.
  • If you are accessing key worker school, then we require you to send your child every day. It is not an option in this lockdown to choose specific days to send your child. Due to the DFE requirements for learning and the monitoring and tracking of completed work, we need you to commit to a full-time key worker place OR inform us you will not need the place, but you will then still need to ensure that your child completes the daily remote learning at home.
  • If your child attends key worker school, full time, then you will not have to complete any home learning sent via Dojo as this exact work will be completed in school each day.
  • This allows us to keep the same number of consistent children in school each day - which is safer for all!
  • If you have sent up-to-date evidence into school to validate your key worker status then your place is secured. If you are yet to send in evidence for this lockdown then please do so by 3pm 7.1.21 to secure your place.

As the government’s advice is to ‘Stay at home’, in order to keep all members of our communities, including teachers and children safe; please only send your child to keyworker school, if there is not an adult who can safely care for your child at home.

This is a difficult time for us all. If you need support in anyway, please contact school. Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Choudhury

Head Teacher


Head Teacher Update:Sunday 3rd January 2021


Emergency Planning School Closure Notification


Dear parents and Carers


I would like to thank you first and foremost for your patience regarding the notification of school opening.


After an emergency meeting with the chair of governors, the decision was made to close school tomorrow (Monday 4th January 2021), in order to plan a way forward.


The decision to close the school was extremely difficult, but due to staffing and circumstances beyond our control, we did not have a choice but to close.


The education of our children is of utmost importance and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that we are providing the best provision – whether that is remotely or partial opening.  The provision for key workers and vulnerable children will be facilitated from Tuesday, if the decision is to deliver learning remotely.


Your child’s class teacher will be in contact tomorrow to collect important information from you, in order to support our decision making process.


Please be assured that the safety of our pupils, staff and community is at the forefront of all our decision making – especially with the new Tier 4 restrictions and the government guidelines.


Please accept our sincere apologies for the late communication regarding the closure.  We endeavour to notify you of the plans for Tuesday before the close of the school day or at the earliest opportunity tomorrow.


If you have any questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the school email:


Thank you for your continued support and whatever decision we make will be after carrying out robust risk assessment and in consultation with the city council and public health experts.


Kind regards and please stay safe and well.


Mrs Shewley Choudhury            Mrs Cheryl Cotterill

Headteacher                             Chair of Governors





Hello SWPS Family,

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!  Let’s hope that this year is prosperous and a productive one for all our families.

I am sure you are aware of the announcement made by the government on 30th December.  Tier 4 for Nottingham City (and the majority of the country.) The announcement was not very clear regarding school closures.

I can confirm that Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School WILL BE OPEN for ALL PUPILS, as planned on Monday 4th January 2021. (Only primaries in the London Borough are closed and will be remote learning until Monday 18th January or until further guidance.)

I will continue to update you as Unions are debating this weekend regarding closure of all primary schools outside of London.

School Statistics:

We have been incredibly fortunate so far and have had no confirmed cases of Coronavirus. We have had children self- isolate due to families testing positive or were in close contact with someone who had tested positive. All children had been given home learning packs.

We did not have any cases of coronavirus over the holiday – which was really good news, as our families were able to enjoy the festive break with loved ones.

This is very encouraging in terms of the safety measures we have consistently reviewed and put in place at Snape Wood throughout the pandemic. The success of keeping everyone safe is down to all stakeholders, but especially to our parents and grown-ups, for following and supporting all measures we have continued to put in place.

Please continue to follow the government guidelines with regards to Tier 4, in order to keep all our community safe.  I will urge all our grown-ups to support school and the safety of all our SWPS families, by continuing to avoid household mixing.

If you do need to update school with any positive cases of: pupils, family members or if you have been contacted by test and trace; please can I remind you to contact school via text or use the school email:

Please continue to ALWAYS contact school DAILY (by either text, email or phone) if your child will not be attending for ANY REASON; it is imperative you clearly communicate the specific reason why your child is absent from school;

If your child or anyone in your household/support bubble has:

-A new or continuous cough

-A high temperature (above 37.8 Degrees Celsius)

-Loss of taste and/or smell


ALSO: If ANY MEMBER of your household has a test for COVID 19 (other than for regular, scheduled tests as a part of your job that are conducted by your employer) YOU MUST NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL – AND AGAIN PLEASE CONTACT SCHOOL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE



Text/Phone: 0115 9159146    

Please can we also remind you that:

ALL PUPILS NEED TO BRING a clean, NAMED, water bottle to ensure strong hygiene daily (DO NOT BRING JUICE/FLAVOURED WATER OR FIZZY DRINKS). As well as their reading diary and school reading book EVERYDAY. DO NOT bring in large bags – maximum size 25cm x 20cm or a school book bag. We continue to have a system in place in each class so that reading books are quarantined 72 hours, before going back on the shelf for other children to access. 

Uniform reminder;

Please ensure your child comes in their School PE Uniform on their designated physical activity days. (School jumpers to still be worn on PE days.)

PACKED LUNCH: due to Tier 4 restrictions, plastic lunch boxes will not be permitted.  All children must bring their lunch in a disposable bag – this will be disposed of at the end of lunch time.


The weather has been chillier than expected and as a result children must wear school jumpers and must bring in a warm coat for outdoor use. Teaching area windows will be open at strategic points during the school day on very cold days. All teaching area doors will be permanently open to encourage strong ventilation across school. On colder days, pupils are actively encouraged to please wear:

  • Additional layers under their uniform (vests/extra t-shirt)
  • Pupils may also wear additional hoodies/gilets (Plain black or grey – No Branded or decorative or embellished) 


Staff will continue to communicate with you using Class Dojo and Class email. Please do continue to support, respect and communicate with all school staff in a thoughtful and appropriate way. In these difficult times, a kind word or well phrased enquiry can make all the difference.

If you require any support in any circumstances, then we are here to assist.  Please do not hesitate to contact school.  We are here to help and support;

  • If you have had your home circumstance change over Christmas,
  • If you need support with finance funding (think you may now be entitled to pupil premium/Free School Meals)   
  • If you or  think another family may be struggling for food
  • Please find a time to speak to one of us; due to the high infection rate - phone, text or email – we’ll do all we can to support you. It will always be treated in the strictest of confidence.

School Office:

Due to the Tier 4 restrictions, the school office will be closed.  Only appointment slots will be considered.  Please use the BACS system to pay.  School office will not be open for any forgotten water bottle or forgotten lunch.  Children must bring their lunch with them when entering school.

If you need to contact school for any reason, then email: or phone 0115 9159146.


It is paramount that all children arrive on time ready to learn.  School gates are open 8:40 – 8:55.

Thank you for your continued support and please keep checking the website for updates.

We look forward to seeing the children bright and early on Monday 4th January 2021 at their allotted gates at 8:40am.

Please stay safe and well.

Warm regards

Mrs Choudhury

Head teacher


Monday 14th December 2020


Dear Parents/carers,


Thank you for everything you have done to reduce the spread of COVID19 within our community. Your help and support is always gratefully received.


However, despite everyone’s hard work and the recently launched vaccination programme, the COVID19 virus remains amongst us for the foreseeable future.


We are writing to ask you to work with us over the first half of the Christmas break to continue the fight against the virus.


If your child / any of your children develop coronavirus symptoms within 2 days of their last day at school and then subsequently test positive for coronavirus, or if they don't have symptoms undertake a coronavirus test within 2 days of their last day at school, then you should contact us through the school email: or normal school texts.


For example, pupils who attend school on the last day of term on Friday 18th December, this would mean notifying us of pupil symptoms developing on the Friday 18th or Saturday 19th December or Sunday 20th December. Please make sure you keep a close eye on these social media platforms/website, emails and texts, throughout the holiday.

To get a test use the NHS COVID-19 app, via or by calling NHS on 119. Many test results are now being received 48 hours after the test.

We will make sure staff from our school will be available on 18th, 19th and 20th December 2020 and available at these times 12:00 midday and 15:00 to receive your messages;

  • by email at:
  • by text  on normal school number.

We will then, as a school, take advice from Public Health England in terms of notifying other children, families, school staff or bubbles to self-isolate.


Kind Regards and thank you for your continued support

Mrs Shewley Choudhury



I hope you are all keeping well and safe.  I am sure you have heard and read about the announcement made by DFE on 8.12.20, regarding the closure of school on Friday 18th December 2020.


The closure is a guidance and it is up to individual schools to make the decision.  I am sure that you would all agree that the education of our children is of the utmost importance.  At Snape Wood primary, we are conscious that children have missed valuable learning time due to COVID 19, and we want to ensure that their education is not compromised even further.


As a result, Snape Wood primary school will be open on Friday 18th December 2020. The children must attend school on that day.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards and stay safe.



Opportunity for parents to attend a workshop around Making Sense of Autism. 

Autism – Making Sense of Autism Workshop for (Parents) – Monday 14th December 2020 – 10-12pm

Please book your place via EVENTBRITE - 




To all our Snape Wood Families:


First and foremost, I would like to say a huge thank you to all our grown-ups who have adhered to the protocols put in place at the beginning and end of the day – Thank you for keeping everyone safe and doing your bit.


Sadly, there are a few grown-ups who are not adhering to the protocols – this is causing un-necessary anxiety and stress for some of our families.  As a result, we are asking all our families to adhere to the following measures:


  • NO secondary school children
  • Arrive on time (not early) and leave as soon as children are collected
  • Only one adult per family (maximum 2 adults and only for very large families)
  • Year 5 and 6 come on their own where possible.
  • Adults must stand apart at all times
  • When collecting your child, you must come into the car park (Y5/6) and follow the yellow arrows and up to the yellow children only line.  Staff will not release the children if you are standing at the gate.
  • You must come into the ToyBox entrance up to the yellow wait line to collect your child (Y3/4), staff will not release the children if you are standing at the gate.



Covid Test Update:

Thank you for your on-going understanding and support as we continue to try our very best to ensure that as many of our pupils as possible are in school every day. We continue to do all we can to ensure the safety of pupils and are encouraged by how well our bubble provision is working so far and how happy the children are coming in to school every day.


To those families that are:

1) Currently self-isolating                               2) Trying to get a test                    3) Awaiting test results

We can’t thank you enough for your patience. Please know that we are just as frustrated as you with the time it is taking to get tests and follow up results. We too want to be able to resume our daily onsite education for all of our pupils alongside their peers and teachers; but the last thing any of us want is a year group or whole school lockdown. Please know as a school we are following national government procedures and will be held fully accountable if we deviate from this.


As you are aware in the event of a child being tested positive for Covid, the school will seek advice from Public Health England and will mostly be told to close a bubble and for the bubble (pupils and staff) to self- isolate for 14 days.



Parental Awareness of Home Learning if a year group or the school is advised to close:


If a year group bubble or the whole school were advised by Public Health England to  close for 14 days, this would be likely to happen at short notice, it is important our school is prepared to support your child with their home learning.

As a school our next challenge is to plan and prepare for this, whilst taking into account the needs of all 190 pupils and their households within our community.


The government would like schools (ideally) to have an online learning platform where children can be assisted in their learning from home.

As a school we are currently investigating the following ‘learning platforms ‘whilst being incredibly mindful of our school demographic so that this is something that all of our children can access; such as:

  • Google Classrooms,
  • Microsoft teams,
  • APPs with recorded lessons and related activities,
  • SWPS home learning website page and year group email addresses,
  • Paper packs


You may have heard of the government ‘promising’ disadvantaged students (43% of current SWPS pupils) access to a laptop/Ipad and to 4G wireless routers; this offer which is now only available for pupils in school years 3 to 11. The government have created additional restrictions which have been put in place, meaning that all schools nationally can only apply when:



Devices can be ordered for disadvantaged children in years 3 to 11 when:

  • 1)a local health protection team has advised a group of children (such as a ‘bubble’ or year group) not to attend school
  • 2) a primary school is only open to vulnerable children and the children of critical workers.
  • 3) a school or college is fully open, but supporting a disadvantaged child living in another area who is unable to attend due to local lockdown and travel restrictions

Devices cannot be ordered when:

Devices will arrive within 2-3 days of a year group bubble or whole school closure and only if the demand for these devices is available and we have enough in stock in your area.

Obviously to use an online platform, this assumes that each SWPS pupil within a household has access to: The internet, a tablet, PC Desktop Computer or a Laptop.


With this in mind it is important that the leadership team at SWPS has a clear, accurate and completely honest understanding of which of our SWPS children would significantly struggle to access online learning.

For these children, we need to look at how we can support them with text books and other resources which may include the loaning out of school equipment - TBC.


Parental Home Learning Survey: (All parents to complete please)

So that we don’t make assumptions about each child’s ability to access remote learning, we are asking ALL PARENTS TO COMPLETE an online survey by this Friday please. Allowing us to make the most appropriate decision on which ‘learning platform ‘which are listed within the survey. As the government’s new requirement is for all pupils to both complete and submit their home learning each day to their teachers, and schools will be held to account on this.


WHEN ALL PARENTS COMEPLETE THE SURVEY this will enable us to plan and prepare suitable work for children at short notice if they have to work from home and heavily support parents in the delivery of home lessons.


We hope to have this in place from after October half term, but only for pupils who are absent due to Covid -19, until then we are actively sending age appropriate paper home learning packs to pupils in  Years N-6 . For both Nursery and F2 pupils we are asking parents to use the SWPS home learning pages as these have some age appropriate activities for your child.




I hope all of the information above keeps you informed and up to date with all we are trying our very best to do in school.                                                         


Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Mrs Choudhury (Headteacher


Dear Parent Carers and SWPS families


We hope that you have all managed to spend quality time with loved ones.  We cannot wait to see all the children on Thursday 3rd September 2020.  Please find the updated information below.  Please be aware that the information may be subject to change as we recieve updates from the Local Authority and National guidance from the Government.



As you will be aware the government announced on 2nd July 2020 that schools will re-open to all pupils in September and attendance will be mandatory which means failure to send your child may result in a fine and your child losing their school place.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming all our children back to school on Thursday 3rd September and in this letter, I would like to share with you our plans and preparations for this.


However, our first priority is the safety and well-being of the children and staff, and in order to re-open safely we will need to make huge changes to the school day and normal routines.


As I have previously stated, our first priority is the safety and well-being of our children and staff, and in order to re-open safely we will need to make significant changes to the school day and ‘normal’ routines. Having reviewed and updated our Risk assessment and following the government guidance, below are a list of the measures which we will have in place to allow us to welcome all our pupils back into the school. These are some guidelines which will need to be in place when we reopen.   I understand that the information is overwhelming, but we want to ensure you are clear about the measures we are taking as a school to ensure our setting is as safe as we can make it at this time.  You are also clear then as to how seriously we are taking these measures as a school and staff.  Key messages may be re-iterated verbally to your child or parents when they are on school site and signage will also re-inforce routines we now have in place. If you have any questions,(or would like a 1:1 appointment to view the setting) then please do not hesitate to contact school.



In the latest government guidance document, it proposes that staggered start and finish times should continue in order to avoid large numbers of people on site at any one time.


As a school we have made the decision to use the entrances on Aspen Road (Normal children entrance) for entering the school premise, and the Toybox entrance (Aspen Road) for exiting the premise.


Nursery children will use the Main entrance to school and enter the premise from the Nursery entrance.  The children from Nursery will leave the premise from the same entrance.


The table shows the drop off and pick up times for each class and the designated entrance for each Bubble.


Drop off

Pick up

CLASS 1 & 3

8:45 AM (ASPEN RD)

3:05 PM




8:45 AM (ASPEN RD)

3:05 PM




8:50 AM


3:10 PM



8:50 AM


3:10 PM



8:55 AM


3:15 PM


I politely ask that you adhere to these times and the correct entrance gate. By doing so it will enable us to avoid any large numbers of people at the school gates at one time.

  • Children must be dropped off and collected promptly at these times so that they do not overlap with other year group Bubbles
  • Parents/Carers will not be permitted into the premises – this is to avoid mass gatherings.
  • There will be NO breakfast club provision or After School Club provision for the Autumn term.  We will keep you updated if these provisions will resume.

If you have further questions, please do get in touch by either telephoning school on 0115 9159146, email: ,


Kind Regards,

Mrs Shewley Choudhury

Head Teacher

COVID – 19 UPDATE: 11.6.20




Dear SWPS Family


On the 9th of June 2019, the Local Authority announced that all maintained schools are to prepare for re-opening schools to Y6 pupils from Monday 15th June 2020.


I am writing to confirm, that from next Monday 22nd June 2020, WE NOW WILL begin our gradual reopening of Snape Wood Primary School, starting with Year 6. Nottingham City, have issued a letter of statement.  I have uploaded this on the website.


On Monday 15th June, SWPS will be shut to all pupils, including keyworker pupils, in order to have a whole school emergency inset day. I will be briefing all staff on the numerous measures that will need to be consistently put in place, across the entire school, to ensure we are doing our utmost to protect the safety and wellbeing of all individuals, which continues to be our number one priority. We will also make all final, practical preparations in our new bubbles, each of which will be in new, set locations across the school.



  1. Key worker school will remain open EVERY DAY 8:45am-3:15pm. EXCEPT FOR MONDAY 15th JUNE. (Whole SWPS staff emergency inset).
  2. School from now until the end of the academic year (Thursday 23rd July) will be shut to all non-keyworker pupils on a Friday for deep cleaning, teacher preparation and for staff to continue to also run home learning for those pupils not at school.
  3. The following set year groups will now be invited back to SWPS;
  4. Year 6 – Monday 22nd June 2020
  5. Year 1 – TBC  (IF … the Year 6 reopening has been successful.)
  6. F2 – TBC  (IF … the Year 1 reopening has been successful AND … we still have enough teachers/classrooms available to facilitate this. This will be completely dependent on the number of keyworker pupils entitled to a priority place in school and the number of pupils in Y6 and Y1 wishing to return.)
  7. If you have a sibling of a pupil, not in these 3 year groups, (brother or sister in Nursery, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 or Year 5) they do not currently have a place at school, unless they are at Keyworker School.
  8. At present there are no set dates to invite back pupils from Nursery. This is due to numbers of staff, space and the level of intimate care required for toileting and changing. Nursery at present remains shut.
  9. At present there continues to be ‘no set dates from the Government or Local Authority’ to reopen school to pupils in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 (unless they are keyworker children) – we continue to await further instruction for these year groups – the Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, will be sharing the governments thoughts for this in the daily broadcasts – I will keep you updated.




If you think you NOW REQUIRE a NEW KEYWORKER PRIORITY PLACE at our school. (Your child may be any year group.). Please either call school on 0115 9159146 or email us at - and we will be happy to offer your child a place. We will require proof from your employer stating your job and requirement for you to return to work. Your work schedule or rota. The current critical government keyworker list still stands. If your child currently attends SWPS Keyworker School, there is no need to contact us, your place is guaranteed


If you are a parent of a Year 6 pupil, who has not already booked a place in a new Year 6 bubble, BUT, NOW WISHES FOR YOUR CHILD TO RETURN TO SCHOOL; we will do our best to fit them in to one of our 4 planned Year 6 bubbles from Monday 22nd June 2020. A detailed letter outlining the provision will be sent out by Monday 15th June 2020. Preview slots (20 mins) can be booked on Thursday 18th June 2020 – 9:30 – 11:30.  Please ring the school office to book a slot if you are unsure of whether to send your child into school or not, and need to see the provision before deciding.  We will upload a video virtual tour of the school to enable the children to become familiar with the changes.


We have had, understandably, many of our Year 6 parents ask about transition arrangements. Out of our current Y6 cohort, we have pupils going to approx. 6 different secondary schools across Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire! Miss Brown has spoken to these schools, about each pupil, as an individual regarding their: academic abilities, personal attributes and character.


Sadly, secondary schools cannot offer any specific transition arrangements for us to deliver to our Year 6 pupils. All information including: virtual tours, contact email addresses and important information is available to access on each individual secondary schools website.


I feel it is important to continue to be as honest and transparent with you as parents; what we can offer our current Year 6 pupils regarding transition preparation is sadly very limited. I know this will, for many Y6 parents, be a key factor in terms of your decision as to whether or not you send your child back to SWPS, as we gradually reopen from Monday 22nd June 2020.



It is with deepest regret that we need to share with you that we are unable to do the vast majority of our normal Y6 Leavers Traditions.  The only options we feel we can safely continue, following the current social distancing guidelines at this time, are:

*To ensure all Y6 pupils receive their Leavers end of year gifts

*Miss Brown is in the process of organising a virtual leavers session or a recorded message from each pupil to compile as a video of remembrance – this is TBC

We too, are so saddened, that we are unable to safely commit to anything else. Our Year 6’s will, alongside the rest of school, soon receive their individual end of year reports which all clearly demonstrate the love, care and respect we have for each one of them and our best wishes going forward.


As always, our school will completely respect your decision as parent, we just now need this information in order to prepare final ‘groupings of pupils’ in to their NEW ‘bubbles’ from Monday 22nd  June. Our priority within each bubble is to ensure, for the children’s emotional well-being that they are with SOME of their friends – hence us needing to know Y6 numbers by Wednesday 17th June 2020 - 11AM.


Thank you to everyone in F2 that has already let us know if they would like a place (through welfare calls). If you are an F2 or Y1 parent and have not yet informed us, or have changed your mind, please can:

  • YEAR 1 parents let us know by Wednesday 17th June by 11am- phone call or email please.
  • F2 parents let us know by Wednesday 17th June by 11am. – phone call or email please.


Myself, Miss Williams, (Acting Deputy Head) Mrs Howarth and Miss Brown, - SWPS Leadership Team - continue to be in the school on a regular basis. Mrs Stafford is in the office on a daily basis to assist with your enquiries. We always welcome your calls and questions – please know that your questions and opinions are important to us, so please do get in touch – we are here for you!


I hope this helps to clarify our plans/dates/year groups for the gradual, reopening of Snape Wood Primary School beginning on Monday 22nd June 2020.

Take care and stay safe                                                                                                                                   

Mrs Shewley Choudhury – Headteacher






Nottingham City Council

Loxley House

Station Street

Nottingham  NG2 3NG

29 May 2020

Dear parent/carer

Return of more children to schools, nurseries and early years settings

We are writing to you regarding the phased reopening of schools to pupils from Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 in Nottingham schools from Monday 1 June.

The City Council has been working with schools to understand how we might gradually increase the number of children while keeping them as safe as possible.

We have previously said that there was no pressure from the council for head teachers to reopen until they felt they were ready to do. We also made it clear that we would not issue fines for parents who chose not to send their children back to school.

Earlier this week, our council decided that we had growing concerns that the right conditions for a phased return might not be in place by 1 June.

Today, we would like to make it clear, unequivocally, that we do NOT feel it is the right time to bring children back to schools and nurseries on Monday.

We are advising schools run by the council through the Nottingham Schools Trust that they should not reopen to wider numbers at this time.

This is not a reflection on our schools in Nottingham. They have done a tremendous job of working towards opening to more pupils while continuing to look after the children of critical workers and those pupils with additional needs and vulnerabilities. We would like to praise them for their efforts over the last 10 weeks of lockdown.

This is as much about the right conditions being in place – for example the effective introduction of the ‘Test and Trace’ system that would give additional reassurance on how best to manage the spread of the virus.

We know this is short notice, but we have been monitoring the situation and wanted to wait until we were certain that it was not too soon to bring more children back. We want our parents to be confident that all steps are being taken to minimise the risk to their children. We know that this is the number one priority for our parents, for our schools and nurseries, as well as for the City Council.


Councillor David Mellen                                                       Councillor Neghat Khan
Leader of the Council                                                             Portfolio Holder for Early Years,
Nottingham City Council                                                         Employment and Education



UPDATE: Friday 22nd May 2020


A message to our Dear Snape Wood Families:


We know you have seen in the news that schools may reopen from 1st June to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils if the government thinks it is safe at that time. We would like you to know that we want nothing more than to have all of our children back with us in school.  However, the safety of our children, their families and our staff is our number one priority, so we have been working extremely hard to consider how we can do this appropriately.  It is a very unsettling time for us all, but you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure we are ready to receive these year groups if it’s safe for our school to reopen in the coming weeks.


The government’s proposals to re-open primary schools to more pupils from Monday 1st June is still conditional, and the reopening of schools will only happen if the five key tests set out by the government have been met.

We have read the government guidance on the re-opening of schools. I have read plenty more in addition to this so that we can do our very best to ensure our school is the best prepared it can be for re-opening in this situation.   

Every school setting, staff and environment is unique and what we will aim to do at Snape Wood is a gradual and phased re-opening which builds staff, parent and pupil confidence as we go along. Our skeleton school provision will continue as usual till the end of term. You MUST be on the skeleton school register to access this provision. 

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of the children and staff, and in order to re-open safely we will need to make significant changes to the school day and ‘normal’ routines.

We will NOT be opening on the 1st June 2020 for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils. We are awaiting an announcement on Thursday, 28th May which will tell us whether the government still believes that it is safe for schools to re-open. If, after that, the government still wishes children to return to school, the school will need further time to prepare staff, buildings and resources to do this.

Each school is unique, and we are all planning slightly different approaches depending on what our risk assessments determine to be right for each setting.

We will only do what we feel is safe for us all, which means we may not be able to invite as many children into school as the government might want us to. Similarly, no family should feel pressurized to send their children to school; the choice lies with you and we will respect your choice completely.

We have been overwhelmed by the support you have given our schools during this time of crisis, and we are extremely grateful for this. We feel confident that when this situation is resolved, we will emerge even stronger and more ready to work with you all together.


Kind Regards


Mrs Shewley Choudhury




Good Evening Everyone - SWPS Family


Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast last night, I wanted to reassure you all, our amazing Snape Wood Community, that at the moment, for us a school, there is no change to the guidance. We will continue to provide care for those parents whose work is critical to the COVID-19 response. The message is still that it is safer to stay at home.


We have not yet received any information from the government to support us with this new plan of phased reopening of some year groups. When we do, as always, the approach will be well measured, strategic, carefully considered and communicated well in advance for you as parents to make an informed decision that we will respect as a school. When we do gradually reopen, our highest priority will be: pupil, parent and staff safety, and, pupil, parent and staff wellbeing. This has to and will always come first in any informed decision that we make as a school.


In the meantime, please continue to do what you have been doing at home. You are doing a fantastic job of keeping your children safe and educating them at home. Activities for the children are on the home learning page of the school website:


Please do keep sending in the work they have been doing or activities you have undertaken as a family! (The expectation is still to contact your child’s teacher via Class Dojo.) It would be fantastic to hear from you all and see the faces of your children who we miss so much!


I will be in touch again during the week, as more information is released to schools from the government.


Stay safe and well. Please give your children a great big hug from all of us here at SWPS and make sure that you take care of each other - and stay home. Remeber! Anyone can catch it and anyone can spread it!  Together we can fight the battle against COVID-19.

Mrs Choudhury

A message from all the staff at SW

A message from all the staff to the children at Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School.

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you all had a restful Easter break and welcome to our very first remote summer term! Please see the video made by staff for the children on youtube:


We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working, so I wanted to take the opportunity to say what an amazing job you’re doing supporting your child’s wellbeing and learning during this time.


It’s definitely been a strange and challenging time, so it’s ok if you and your child feel wobbly and worried at the moment. We’re here for you every step of the way as we figure this all out together. Remember, if you have any concerns about helping your child learn or you need any other support from the school, please let us know by emailing school on:  - you can also contact the class teacher via the Class Dojo.  If you do not have access to Class Dojo, then please email school.


We miss the children very much, but we must follow the government’s guidance to keep everyone in our community safe. So, we’re carrying on with the advice of keeping safe, including remote working and provision for vulnerable pupils and children of critical workers.


But just because we’re not all in the same building, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together! Your children will have lots of activities they can get stuck into over the summer term – so keep a close eye on school website and text messages from school. All learning is on the website on the Children menu (see links and tutorial at the end).  Teachers have organized paper copies of home learning for summer 1.  If you would like a paper copy, then please contact school via email, stating your child name and class.  Once finished, learning can be accessed on the website.


We also love seeing the children’s fantastic learning at home – please keep sending their work in by: taking a picture and sending via email, following and uploading on twitter @snapewoodpri or uploading onto the class dojo.


We can’t say yet when we’ll be able to open the school fully, but rest assured that we’ll continue doing our utmost to keep your child learning and our school community connected.


Let’s get cracking with our summer term!


Warm regards,


Home Learning on the website:


School Website address:



Letters will be on the Noticeboard – Click on this


Home learning for the children is here: Children– click on this

Direct link:







Click on these to access learning.















COVID-19 UPDATE 18.03.20


Dear Parents/Carers


To help us plan for Monday and beyond, we need to start compiling a list of those children who fall into the categories mentioned in the government's announcement earlier on. Once we get a sense of the numbers involved, we can then start to plan how we proceed with staffing levels etc. Tomorrow, the Cabinet Office is publishing a full list of key worker categories - but we don't know at what time and how much more detail that will have. So for now we can only work on what's been said; namely children of keyworkers such as NHS staff, police and delivery drivers who need to be able to go to work; vulnerable children (including those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans).


If you believe that your children will need to attend school because you fall into one of these categories, please email me directly (  or to the School Business Manager ( with the information below. It's imperative that this is done with full integrity and respect for the conditions set out; clearly if it's a two-parent/carer household with one parent a keyworker but the other not, then your child/ren can stay at home; also, whilst your child may have an EHCP, for example, you may feel that the best place for them at this time of anxiety is at home with you. Schools are being asked to remain open to cater for those with a genuine need, not just because it will be inconvenient to keep them at home. I can assure you that the staff and governors are committed to meeting our responsibilities and will endeavour to manage this situation in the best way to help see us through the current emergency.


Information to email me if applicable:

1. Your child or children's name/s and class/es.

2. The reason why you think they need to attend.

3. Would it be every day or just certain days (depending on your working pattern)?

4. What do you use for childcare (if so, is that before or after school/every day or certain days?)

5. Any other information that may be relevant.


Thanks and best wishes


Shewley Choudhury



What a fabulous term we are having.  There are lots of events and activities planned in the lead up to the end of term.  Keep an eye out for the newsletters and also check the calendar on the website.






It has been a hot week and the children have coped extremely well.  Well done to all the children.  Please ensure your children have hats, sun cream and a drinks bottle.