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               Complete BOTH pieces of work. Send a photo on DOJO once finished.

Activity 1 - Phonics

Activity 2 - Communication and Language

Play find the ‘penguin’ game:

  1. Begin by re-reading the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers or re-watch the video on YouTube:
  2. Talk about how the little penguin finds the boy but then is lost at the South Pole and all by himself. The little penguin and the boy eventually manage to find each other again and become friends.
  3. Tell the children that the little penguin wants to play a hide and seek type game with them.
  4. Someone is going to go outside the room with an adult and the other person is going to hide the penguin somewhere. If you do not have a penguin pretend with a teddy/toy.
  5. To help the seeker find where the penguin is hidden, the person who has hidden it will give instructions as to where to find it. Don’t make them too easy to begin with!


To begin the game. It will be best to demonstrate with the child as the first seeker and the adult hiding the penguin and giving the instructions to find it.