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Go on to the link:

Follow Session 1 – Matching 6, 7 and 8.
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video.)


Photo of session 1 activity





Work to send via DOJO

  1.  is something that takes children a while to master. It is a skill to coordinate a pen/pencil in a controlled manner to produce an exact result and one that develops over time and experience. To develop good handwriting, you require good fine-motor skillshand/finger muscle strength and a good pen-grip/hold.

    Look at the 'PARENTAL GUIDE' and ‘How to grip a pencil’ poster and encourage your child to do the same. For more adult information look at ‘The stages of pencil grip in age’ poster. Holding a pen/pencil correctly requires just three fingers; the thumb, index (pointer) and middle finger. This three fingered hold is known as the Tripod Hold/Grip. Lightly pinch a pencil between the thumb and pointer and rest the pencil on the middle finger.

    Warm up the fingers/hands with a variation of activities below:
    The Woodpecker
  • Holding your pen/pencil towards the pointy end, use your 3 fingers to push the pencil forwards and then pull it back. 
  • Children can pretend that the pencil is a woodpecker that is pecking a tree (their other hand). 
  • Ensure that children keep their hand still and only use their finger muscles to push the pencil forwards and backwards.

    The Caterpillar
  • Start by holding your pen/pencil towards the pointy end.
  • Use your 2 top fingers (thumb and pointer) to push the pencil forwards and slide it along the middle resting finger until your fingers reach the end of the pencil, (almost like crawling along the pencil) then pull the pencil back, sliding your fingers along, until you reach the pointy end of the pencil again.
  • Try going the full length of the pencil, up and down a few times.

    The Helicopter

  • Holding your pen or pencil in the centre with the three correct fingers.
  • Attempt to twirl the pencil around like the blades of a helicopter by switching the fingers one at a time from one side of the pencil to the other.

    Main activity
    Complete the ‘Pencil Control-Handwriting Booklet’ activity worksheets (or create your own lines for the children to follow). Ensure that the children are using the correct pencil grip and showing control by taking their time. Remind them that it is not a race!


Photo of the completed ‘Pencil Control-Handwriting Booklet’ activity worksheets

Understanding the World


Work to send via DOJO

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Discuss personal hygiene – question: What do we need to do to keep our bodies clean, healthy and happy? -brush our teeth, wash: shower/bath, clean our hands, wear clean clothes.  Use the ‘Keep clean I SPY’ activity worksheet for conversation prompts.
Talk about why it is extra important to stay clean at the moment (Covid-19).


Next work through the ‘Personal Hygiene’ document and discuss what your child does, how often and when. Discuss why this is important.

Watch ‘Squeaky Clean’ video: (remember to use GOOGLE CHROME for the video to work) and join in with activities. Pause the video where appropriate for additional time to complete activities.

Finally, challenge your child to complete the Number Blocks 7 washing line addition activity.
[Optional]- They could also design their own clean clothing using the additional worksheets/plain paper.


Photo of the completed Number Blocks 7 addition worksheet.


Optional – Photo of the completed design clean clothing activity.