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Work to send via DOJO

Go on to the link:

Follow Session 1 – Counting Back from 10- 10 in a Bed
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video.)

Finish by watching Number Blocks:  S2 Episodes 15 (Ten Green Bottles):


Photo of session 1 activity







Work to send via DOJO

  1. Recap the new topic of ‘Past and Present’. Discuss what these words mean:
    - Past = something which has already happened.
    - Present = something happening
    at this very moment in time/it is happening right now (explain the misconception that ‘present’ doesn’t always mean a gift e.g. on their birthday).

    Also discuss what the future means.
    - Future =   something that will exist or happen in time to come.


Recap personal examples to each child of their past, present and future.
The example I will use in school:

- Last week, We were learning about old and new toys. This has already happened so it is in the past.
- Today it is Monday and we have come back to school. You are sitting at your desks right now listening to 
   me. This is the present as it is happening now.
- Tomorrow will not be Monday anymore. It will be Tuesday. We have to go to sleep and wake back up for
   the new day to begin. Because it hasn’t happened yet it is in the future.


2. Question: What has happened in your past? What will happen in your future? Give prompts where needed.


3. Use the ‘Hospital Scene Poster’ and ‘Hospital Scene Questions’ to get the children to begin to think about the NHS and hospitals.

4. Work through the ‘Hospitals – Then and Now Comparisons’ document. Make links to ‘then’ meaning ‘in the past’ and ‘now’ meaning ‘ in the present’.

No work to be sent.

Understanding the World/History


Work to send via DOJO

Understanding the world – History
Past and Present

  1. Recap vocabulary ‘past’/’present’/’future’ from last week and from Literacy this morning.  
  2. Discuss toys from the past and present. Question: Can you name any toys from the past? How did they work? Which materials were toys made out of in the past/present(now)? Why?
  3. Work through the PowerPoint/Document ‘UTW-History – Florence Nightingale – Hospitals’. Make links to learning about hospitals in Literacy this morning.
  4. Watch:
  5. Sort images of hospitals into those from before and after Florence Nightingale.
    Complete the activity: ‘UTW-History – Florence Nightingale – Sorting images’ and ‘UTW-History – Florence Nightingale – Sorting Mats’.


The completed sorting activity.



Work to send via DOJO

Read ‘Handwriting Gross and Fine Motor Crib Sheet – PARENTS’.

1. Playdough

Follow the video: If you’re Happy and you know it -


2. Squiggle while you wiggle

Song: Pharrell Williams – Happy


3. Children to complete ‘squiggle while you wiggle movements’ on paper (see video on crib sheet). Have a particular focus on the circular movements as these link to 'Caterpillar letters' such as 'd'/'g'/'q' for this weeks letter formations. 


Complete ‘squiggle
while you
wiggle movements’
on paper.