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COVID-19 UPDATE 18.03.20

Dear Parents/Carers


To help us plan for Monday and beyond, we need to start compiling a list of those children who fall into the categories mentioned in the government's announcement earlier on. Once we get a sense of the numbers involved, we can then start to plan how we proceed with staffing levels etc. Tomorrow, the Cabinet Office is publishing a full list of key worker categories - but we don't know at what time and how much more detail that will have. So for now we can only work on what's been said; namely children of keyworkers such as NHS staff, police and delivery drivers who need to be able to go to work; vulnerable children (including those who have a social worker and those with Education, Health and Care Plans).


If you believe that your children will need to attend school because you fall into one of these categories, please email me directly (  or to the School Business Manager ( with the information below. It's imperative that this is done with full integrity and respect for the conditions set out; clearly if it's a two-parent/carer household with one parent a keyworker but the other not, then your child/ren can stay at home; also, whilst your child may have an EHCP, for example, you may feel that the best place for them at this time of anxiety is at home with you. Schools are being asked to remain open to cater for those with a genuine need, not just because it will be inconvenient to keep them at home. I can assure you that the staff and governors are committed to meeting our responsibilities and will endeavour to manage this situation in the best way to help see us through the current emergency.

Information to email me if applicable:


1. Your child or children's name/s and class/es.

2. The reason why you think they need to attend.

3. Would it be every day or just certain days (depending on your working pattern)?

4. What do you use for childcare (if so, is that before or after school/every day or certain days?)

5. Any other information that may be relevant.


Thanks and best wishes


Shewley Choudhury