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Wednesday 22th April 2020






Dear Parents/Carers,


When the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown for schools, took effect from March 23rd 2020, the government announced support for children in receipt of FSM, in the form of vouchers.


Although the document first published 19th March (, the initial guidance stipulated that schools must decide on the value of the vouchers – up to a maximum of £15 per child (FSM) – this did not include the Universal Offer.

The value for FSM is £10 per child.  This is the amount allocated in the school budget.  The additional £5 is not funded and must come out of the school budget – there was no indication of a guaranteed reimbursement from the government for the additional costs in the initial publication.

The governors of Snape Wood Primary chose to go for the value of £10, as this was already in the school funds.  School did not have the capacity to cover the additional £5 at the time of the initial publication.  The governors decided as a well-being and welfare for all families, school will provide £10 vouchers per child over the Easter holidays.  Please note, that FSM are not funded during the holiday period and this was a goodwill gesture to support our families in these unprecedented times.

The governors at Snape Wood primary, have decided to opt for the ALDI meal vouchers (£10PP FSM).  ALDI is the closest supermarket for the majority of the community. The vouchers are available to collect from school (all social distancing protocol are followed as per government guidelines) and individual collection circumstances are taken into account. Parents are communicated through the school texting service.

This is the most efficient method for our school community.  We will not be using e-vouchers or the EdenRed scheme.

The governors at Snape Wood constantly review policies and procedures to ensure that up to date information is taken into account when supporting our parents and children, and especially when making decisions:

  • Encouraging parents to fill in FSM forms by holding a support surgery at school 2 days a week
  • Updating policies and procedures when new or updated releases are made from the government

The Government updated the guidance and advice for FSM on Monday 20th April 2020 ( (  This has enabled the governors to make decisions to move forward:

  • Governors are looking at FSM vouchers (ALDI) raised to £15.  This will take effect from 18th May 2020.
  • Governors have decided to get ALDI vouchers for Universal Meal children (this is a good will gesture to support our parents and carers) £10 ALDI vouchers from 20th April to 17th May 2020. From 18th May it will be £15 ALDI Vouchers.
  • Governors have decided to ensure families are supported throughout any holiday period (this is not funded and is an additional cost to school) by providing ALDI vouchers.

The above will be communicated to parents in the next couple of weeks, via website, school comms and email.

The governors appreciate that these are unprecedented times, but will endeavor to support the children and their families in these times of uncertainty. 

The welfare and wellbeing of our children and families are at the forefront of our ethos.

Please contact school if you require any support or advice during these unprecedented times.


Warm regards, Stay Safe and Keep Well



Mrs C Cotterill                                    Mrs Shewley Choudhury

(Chair of Governors)                                  (Headteacher)





Supporting Documents from the Government: