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Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School
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Nursery (Buds and Blossoms)


Welcome to Buds and Blossoms



Teacher: Mrs Wray

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Brock



Pride Values

At Snape Wood, we believe that every child should feel proud to be a part of our school and so we have introduced PRIDE points. Each letter represents an aspect of our school values:


P - positive attitude

R - respectful

I - inquisitive

D - determination

E - empathy.


We will be using class dojo in the classroom to record PRIDE points. Children can still collect points and spend them in the PRIDE points shop. You can also follow what's happening in our classroom by signing up to our class Dojo app. If you require a letter to see your child's Dojo progress, please pop in and ask Mrs Potter.

Behaviour Policy


In Buds and Blossoms, we follow the behaviour traffic light system. All children start the day on green. If a child breaks one of our school rules they are given a reminder and asked to change their behaviour. If the child does not correct their behaviour we move their name down to orange. If there is still no improvement the child's name is moved to red.  Children are given the opportunity to move up the traffic light system and we encourage children to work their way back up to green. If a child is on red and their behaviour does not improve they are sent for time in on a different table in class. This allows the child to think about their behaviour and make a positive change. If there behaviour carries on in their time in session, the child will have timeout in our partnered class.


Red cards are sent home if a child is on red at the end of the day or if they display extreme behaviour. If your child brings home a red card, please take the opportunity to talk to your child about their behaviour and sign and return the card.


Green cards are sent home on a Friday to children that have displayed positive behaviour and finished the week without moving off green on our behaviour ladder. It is an opportunity for both school and parents to celebrate positive behaviour. The children really enjoy receiving the cards and look forward to bringing them home. If you sign and return your child's green card, they are entered into a prize draw.

Please encourage your child to bring their green card back into class on Monday mornings.

You can help at home by:

reading with your child daily,  encouraging your child to talk about the marks they make, recognise and write their name, fastening their own coat and dressing themselves for Nursery.


In Personal Social and Emotional …

During the first half term, the children will focus on building relationships with the other children and adults in the setting. They will learn about the Nursery  routine and  make choices in what they do. They will learn the rules of the Nursery and be encouraged to follow these rules on a daily basis.

In the second half term they will work together to understand and respect other people’s  beliefs and cultures. They will begin to understand how their actions can affect others.

The children will be encouraged to develop their own confidence and self-awareness through talking about themselves, their interests and strengths.


In Physical Development …

The children will develop their independence skills to manage their own   personal hygiene. We ask that you encourage independence at home, as this will help them during their Nursery sessions. Please encourage your child to use the toilet independently and no longer use nappies.

Gross motor skills will be developed through opportunities to play on the climbing frame, tunnel, bikes, use bats and balls. Please encourage your child to walk to Nursery and no longer use a push chair.

Fine motor skills will be developed through mark making, using scissors, threading beads and handling a range of tools.


In Communication & Language …

Through talking about themselves, their families and things they like doing, the children will improve their communication skills and vocabulary.

The children will have opportunities to share books with their friends and adults.  During story time they will have lots of opportunities to listen to a range of stories and respond to them by identifying story language patterns and story sequences.

The children will be exposed to new songs and rhymes during daily sessions, where they will be encouraged to participate and express themselves.


In Literacy…

There will be opportunities for the children to create movements in order to develop their co-ordination skills and develop their early writing.

There will be daily opportunities for the children to listen to and learn new stories. There will be a focus around encouraging the children to talk about what they have heard and make marks about their favourite story.

We will begin exploring Phonics by listening to and talking about the sounds we hear in our environment and words.




In Understanding the World…

The children will participate in activities to name parts of the body, to talk about themselves, their family and where they live.

They will be encouraged to talk about changes they can see in the environment such as, the changing seasons and weather.

There will be opportunities to understand stories from different faiths and to explore artefacts relating to these stories. - e.g. Divas for Diwali.


In Maths…

Through play and number rhymes children will learn to rote count to 10.  During our adult led sessions we will be learning all about numbers 1-3; exploring what the numerals represent. They will be encouraged to recognise numerals in a range of contexts and environments.

Children will learn to sort items into groups by colour or shape. Opportunities will be provided for the children to match items and measure things by comparing size and shape.




In Expressive Arts & Design…

The children’s creative skills will be developed through drawing, painting, collage work using different media and printing using   various techniques.—e.g. sponges, hands, prints, etc.

Children will have opportunities to explore and use musical instruments. They will sing nursery rhymes and dance to music.

Role play opportunities will develop the children’s imagination and they will be encouraged to dress up and act out familiar situations and stories.