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Friday Morning Activities - No Zoom

No Zoom on Friday’s

Independent learning – Follow the instructions below:

Phonics (30 minutes):

Begin by watching the Jolly Phonics Songs on YouTube. The children should join in with the songs and actions:

After that, go to the Phonics Play website: (resources - phase 2)

Login: march20                 or                 Login: jan21
password: home                                    password: home

Play the three games multiple times in the order below. It will follow a similar structure to our lessons on Zoom.

1) Flash Cards Speed Trial (after pressing start select phase 2 only):

2) Pick a Picture (after pressing start select phase 2 only):

3) Sentences (after pressing start select any of the sounds/’Tricky’ words to practise):

If the links do not work, go onto the website, click on the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of the screen, click on ‘Phase 2’ and find the correct games underneath.

Challenge your child to write CVC words - Find worksheet example on our school website and uploaded to our story feed on Class DOJO.

Reading (30 minutes):
1) Read your child’s school book. Ask them questions about what they have read and what they can see using the pictures.

2) Then, get them to choose a story to read. Can they identify any sounds, can they segment (sound out the individual letters) and blend (read the whole word) the words? Can they notice and read straight away the Tricky words: ‘the’ ‘I’ ‘no’ ‘go’ ‘to’ ‘is’?

Use language such as: ‘title’, ‘front cover’, ‘back cover’, ‘pages’, ‘page number’, ‘characters’, ‘setting’, ‘beginning’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’.


3) You could get them to draw a picture about the story/character(s)/setting. Encourage them to label their picture and write simple sentences using their sounds, finger spaces and a full stop.

Maths (30 minutes):
1) Practise your child’s counting. Start from 0 and count to 30 forwards. Start at 30 and count backwards to 0. If they can do this without any help, can they start counting from a random number? E.g. count from 11-30? Count from 7 to 30.

2) Watch Jack Hartman on YouTube and join in with 5 videos singing about Number Pairs:
Watch videos for number pairs to 1, number pairs to 2, number pairs to 3, number pairs to 4 and number pairs to 5.
Challenge your child, after each video, to repeat known number pairs. Remind them of those unknown/forgotten/not stated.

3) Write number pairs down e.g. 3+1=4   2+2=4 etc.   
Find objects around your house to show this.
3 socks and 1 teddy equals 4 altogether.              2 spoons and 2 cups equals 4 objects in total. Etc