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Impact Statement

Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School

Governing board statement March 2023

The governing board of Snape Wood Primary School is proud to serve the children of Bulwell. We are a small but skilled Board, with a range of expertise, and a strong commitment to high aspirations for every child at Snape Wood. We are dedicated to all children receiving the best possible educational start, through strong safeguarding procedures, high quality teaching, an exciting curriculum and support for their health and wellbeing. 

The Board recognises the impact of a range of issues which disadvantage our children, including financial deprivation and the effects of the pandemic. We are also aware of the high levels of special needs in school, and have been fortunate to recruit a SEND expert onto the Board to have oversight of SEND provision.

Safeguarding is of paramount importance and so the recruitment of a safeguarding consultant onto the Board helps us in having assurance that systems and procedures are sound.  In addition they bring expertise in early years provision and visit school regularly to see the progress being made in our foundation stage.

We have interrogated the national data for the school and understand the reasons for the outcomes. We are strongly focused on ensuring children make exceptional progress across school to address the impact of the pandemic, but that their experience in school remains exciting and engaging. We are fortunate in being welcomed as visitors to school to see learning in action.

The school has employed a high number of Early Career Teachers, and as a governing board we have a commitment to them and all staff developing as professionals.  The wellbeing of staff is a priority and we will be undertaking a wellbeing survey at the end of the year to provide the Board with confidence that school is a great place to work, and that staff feel valued and supported.

We are supported in assurance through receiving the reports from the external advisor, which helps us in validation of the SEF judgements,  enables us to see the progress being made towards the school improvement priorities, and provides us with an accurate understanding of areas for further development.

We are all committed to providing effective governance, which both challenges and supports the school’s leadership, to ensure that we achieve best value and enable children to leave school having achieved their potential and ready for their next adventure.  

Impact Statement