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Lunch Menus

Spring Term School Menu's




Snape Wood Primary

School Meals 

Lunch for all is between 12noon and 12.45pm.

Dinner Money for paid meals for a whole week should be sent into the school office on Monday mornings wherever possible.

There are three options for your child at lunch time:

Have a school meal

Bring a packed lunch

Go home for lunch. Parents of KS1 children must arrange to collect their child if going home.

School Lunches rotate on a 3 week cycle, and they promote healthy eating by encouraging children to make healthy food choices at lunchtime. Salad, fresh fruit, bread and water are available every day to pupils having a school dinner. Vegetarian options are also available. 

Our school meals service is delivered by Eat Culture, Nottingham Catering, an award-winning catering service that is part of Nottingham City Council.

Eat Culture believes in putting children first, ensuring they enjoy a healthy, balanced school meal that meets School Food Standards. Numerous research studies have shown that nutritious food helps children to concentrate and do well at school, and Eat Culture uses locally sourced and organic food to give children a nutritious school meal.

To find out more visit their website at

To find out news about theme days and food promotions happening in schools follow Eat Culture at or

If your child requires a special diet for medical or religious reasons, please click on the icon below.

The current menus are shown at the top of the page, but please note: options may vary depending on availability on the day.

Special Dietary Form
Milk and Fruit

Milk is provided free of charge to all children under the age of 5). Milk is also available for pupils who are over the age of 5, in Years 1 and 2 who are eligible for Free School Meals.

All other children can have milk for a small charge (non- Free School Meal children in Years 1 and 2, all of Years 3 - 6).

All children are encouraged to have a piece of fruit at break time.

Free School Meals

Parents receiving Income Support can apply for Free School meals by contacting Pupil Benefits – free phone: 0800 952 0292 or Land line – 0115 915 4084. Alternatively, click the link below to download the form

It is important that this entitlement is registered even if you intend for your child to bring a packed lunch. Important school funding is directly linked to the number of pupils entitled to (not having) free school meals.

Packed Lunches

Fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets are not acceptable in packed lunches and children will be asked to take these home.

Please note that storage for packed lunches in school is limited and there are no facilities in school for keeping packed lunches cool. This is far from ideal, particularly in hot weather.