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At Snape Wood Primary School, we believe that providing a rich and diverse music education is essential in unlocking pupils' creative potential and enhancing their learning experiences. Our music curriculum is designed to provide a broad range of musical experiences to all pupils, enabling them to explore their talents and passions.


  • To provide a progressive and adaptable music curriculum, which is accessible and inclusive to all pupils.
  • To foster a love of music and develop pupils' musical understanding and skills.
  • To ensure that pupils have the opportunity to perform on a variety of tuned and untuned instrumentation from different cultures.
  • To evidence how each activity within the curriculum meets certain national curriculum points.
  • To provide assessment and evaluation of pupils' musical learning.
  • To offer additional musical opportunities beyond the national curriculum.

Curriculum Intent

We use Junior Jam to provide a comprehensive music curriculum, which covers the whole music curriculum from Reception to Year 6. Junior Jam provides three core subjects, including Music Theory with Keyboards, Song writing with Glockenspiels and Singing, which are delivered across three half terms throughout the year. The remaining three half terms focus on instrument playing, enabling pupils to perform on a variety of tuned and untuned instrumentation from different cultures.

The three core subjects are year group-specific, and the lesson plans are targeted towards each year group. Pupils who enrol in one of the instrumentation courses will begin by learning the basics of the instrument and progress through the levels year by year.

We have dedicated professionals from Nottingham Music Hub who provide an additional hour of guitar teaching for Year 4 and 5 pupils, which is beyond the national curriculum. As pupils become increasingly confident, they will have the opportunity to play in ensembles and join city-wide events.

Opportunities for singing occur in assemblies, and we seek cultural opportunities to use our voice such as choir club, singing at our local church, and attending events across the region.

Our intent is to show our curriculum's progressivity and differentiation through the use of progression maps and curriculum link documents, which evidence how each activity meets certain national curriculum points. From summer 2023, Junior Jam will assess our children's musical learning.

Music Curriculum Overview

Music Documentation