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Physical Education


At Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School, we believe that PE is an essential subject that provides children with the opportunity to engage in physical activity, develop important skills, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to provide a safe, inclusive, and stimulating learning environment where every child can experience the benefits of an active lifestyle and develop sportsmanship and fair play.

Our curriculum aims to develop the following skills in our pupils

  • An understanding of the importance of
  • An understanding of the importance of an active lifestyle
  • The ability to perform both physical and technical skills across a range of sports with appropriate technique
  • The ability to remain physically active for sustained periods of time
  • A keen interest in PE
  • A sense of fair play and sportsmanship

We believe that these skills are essential for our pupils to lead healthy and active lifestyles and to succeed in future endeavours.

Curriculum Intent

We believe that Physical Education (PE) is a crucial subject that provides our pupils with the opportunity to engage in physical exercise, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. At Snape Wood Primary School, it is our intent to provide a fun, inclusive, and challenging PE curriculum that develops transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, and resilience, while instilling a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.

Working with Junior Jam, we aim to provide a curriculum that not only gets our pupils excited about sport but also develops their abilities, from those who are already skilled and athletic to those who struggle with fine motor skills and sports in general. We are passionate about supporting our pupils to make healthy and active lifestyle choices and ensuring that our curriculum covers the core areas of the national curriculum, while specific skills are taught in the various sports we offer.

Our curriculum intent is to provide a progressive learning experience that caters to the needs and abilities of each year group. By working closely with Junior Jam, trained professionals who lead the curriculum in half of the academic year, we ensure that our pupils receive high-quality PE lessons that cover a range of sports and disciplines. Our aim is to develop fundamental movements, promote teamwork and resilience, and instil a love for sport, ensuring that each pupil is equipped with the necessary skills to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE Documentation