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SCARF and Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge is an important part of any subject area, but for PSHE (including RSHE) we believe that children also need to develop key skills, attitudes and values to enable them to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing. 

Our approach to knowledge organisers reflects this three-strand approach of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that work together to help children develop healthy behaviours. 

There are knowledge organisers for each of the six half-termly units for Y1 to Y6 and these are divided into three sections:

Key questions

These are designed to challenge children's critical thinking skills and focus on the key themes within the unit. 

Key vocabulary

These lists include words that you might need to write up or display as an aid to children's independent work. Our aim was to create a tool that is accessible, useful and also appropriately challenging. 

The words are mostly drawn from the Vocabulary builder that's mapped to SCARF's half-termly units. In line with our spiral-curriculum approach, some words may appear more than once across the year groups. Some words appear several times in different year groups and units.

Key learning outcomes

This section brings together the 'I can...' statements from the expected learning of the SCARF summative assessments. These statements don't cover all the learning outcomes of the unit, but instead focus on key elements from it.