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School Values

We are a 'Small School that makes a Big Difference!' - We aspire to ensure 'Excellence For All!'

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Our school is a calm, secure and happy place. Every child is different and unique. Every child is valued and given the opportunity to succeed and maximise their full potential.

We want everyone in the school to enjoy their work and play without fear of disruption or bullying.  Our expectations are high and we insist on extremely high standards of behaviour and attitude from every pupil.
Our ethos is underpinned by our 5 values - PRIDE.  At Snape Wood, we take 'PRIDE' in everything we do..


Positive Attitude









Mission Statement

To provide 'Excellence for All’ within a happy, safe, and stimulating learning environment. To achieve this mission statement we will:

We are a small (community-focused primary) school that makes a big difference in the lives of all our children.  Our mission is to foster a nurturing and challenging learning environment, where every child can reach their full potential.

We believe that our PRIDE values; Positive Attitude, Respect, Inquisitive, Determination and Empathy, are the foundations of our success.

We strive to instil:

  • Positive Attitude that promotes a sense of well-being and optimism.
  • Respect that fosters mutual understanding and acceptance
  • Inquisitive thinking that helps children explore and discover new ideas
  • Determination that promotes persistence in the face of obstacles
  • Empathy that encourages understanding and appreciation of the perspectives of others

By incorporating these values along with culturally enriching opportunities, we aim to develop responsible and respectful citizens, and to make a big difference in the lives of our children.

We are a 'small school that makes a big difference!'


Vision & Values

Our Vision

  • We passionately believe in developing a life-long love of learning within an inspirational and inclusive environment.
  • Snape Wood is a warm and friendly place of co-operation, equality and respect.

To instil a love of learning by:-

  • Implementing a relevant creative curriculum designed to encourage independence and child-initiated learning
  • Providing a stimulating learning environment to encourage investigative and meaningful engagement with the learning process.
  • Providing excellent teaching of both the Primary Curriculum and the development of life skills

Everyone deserves to receive a high quality education:-

  • Teaching is personalised to meet the needs and preferred learning styles of all learners
  • By believing and acting on the premise that every child matters
  • Providing appropriate resources and opportunities

We treat each other with empathy and kindness, and we are polite to each other by:-

  • Promoting a high standard of behaviour in our school community through well established policies and procedures such as our ‘Good to be Green’ Rules
  • Understanding both our rights and responsibilities at school and in the wider community
  • Raising self-esteem and self-worth through ensuring that our children reach their full potential