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Plan Work to send on DOJO

Recap weight by playing:

Next, go on to the link:
Follow Session 2 – Full and empty
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video)

Finally, watch Number Jacks: The container drainer:


Photo of session 2 activity


Plan Resources Needed Work to send on DOJO

Focus on the setting from yesterday’s story – ANTARCTIC (South Pole)

  1. Work through the Cbeebies go-jetsetters Unicorn facts. On slides 15 and16 click on the link or use this link:  to watch videos: Lambert Glacier and Geographic South Pole.
  2. Complete the hot or cold activity worksheet. If you cannot print it – discuss it with your child.
  3. Now challenge your child to orally segment/blend the words 'hot' / 'cold'. Then write the words 'hot' and 'cold'. Finally, write the sentences: 'It is hot.' and 'It is cold.' Encourage all of our skills from our Phonic's sessions. 
  • Cbeebies go-jetsetters Unicorn Antarctica facts
  • Antarctica Unicorn facts web link
  • Hot or cold activity worksheet

Hot or cold activity worksheet


Personal, Social and Emotional Development / Communication and Language

Plan Work to be sent on DOJO

1) In our story from Literacy, ‘The Runaway Iceberg’, Gaspar had to be brave when swimming. Discuss what brave/bravery means.  Ask the children to think about a time that they needed to be brave. What happened? How did they feel?
Adults to give examples to the children.

2) All of the animals in the story are good at different things. For example, Rossi is good at swimming and the whale is good at clearing the ice. Ask the children to think about something or the different things that they are good at. How does their skill help other people? Talk about why it is good to help others.

No work to be sent.