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Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Begin by watching Number Blocks to introduce 8:
 S2 Episode 3 (Eight):

Go on to the link:

Follow Session 3 – Composition of 8.
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video)

 Finish by watching Number Blocks S3 Episode 14 (Octoblock to the rescue!):


Photo of session 3 activity



Plan Work to be sent via DOJO
  1. Recap learning about the season: winter – Use story, mind-map and clothing.

Question: Which season is it? How do you know? Which season is it now in real life? What can you see/feel/hear? What do we need to wear? Why?

  1. Adult to model labelling clothing – use girl/boy image. 
  2. Children to label clothing using a new  girl/boy image. Encourage children to segment/blend orally first (like in our LIVE Phonics sessions) then segment each section of the word.  Remember, the words may not be the correct spelling because we are encouraging the children to hear the initial, middle and end sounds. Do try to get them to use their grapheme grids or sound mats to support the use of known graphemes/phonemes (letters/sounds) from our Phonics lessons. 

Labelling of clothing.

Expressive Arts and Design

View large version of image

View large version of image

View large version of image

Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Expressive Arts and Design

Create a snowflake winter image.


First, get your child to play around with whichever resources you are using (ear buds or tin foil) to explore shape, position and sizing. Before your child completes their final version, encourage them to design (draw) what they want it to look like. They may need some adult modelling to understand what is expected of them.


You could use ear buds to create your winter image. Cut and stick them if you have access to paper, scissors and glue. Or just place them carefully and take a photograph. Additionally, if you have access to blue paper and white paint, maybe you could dip the ear buds in the white paint and print with them to create a snowflake painting.

However, if you do not have any ear buds, you could use tinfoil instead.


A photo of your winter image.