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Year 1 - Aspen

Welcome to Aspen Class


Hello and welcome to our class page. On our page you will find lots of information about our learning, important notices and details of the children's achievements. 

Class Teacher: Miss Pember

Teaching Assistant: Miss Bracey

Autumn 1 Which is the safest route to School?

This half term we are starting with a Geography topic looking at our local area of Bulwell. Children will start off by thinking about their prior knowledge of Bulwell. Then children will look at maps of the local area and use compasses to think about different directions. Children will learn about the different types of houses in Bulwell, and they will do a survey of the different traffic in Bulwell. Then children will present their traffic results in a graph and talk about their findings to another class. 

Geography Topic Pictures Autumn 1

Autumn 2 

Was London better before or after the Great Fire?

This half term our History topic is all about the Great Fire of London. Children will start off comparing past and present day London. Then children will look at the differences in jobs between now and 1666. Children will sequence the events of the Great Fire on a timeline. Then children will look at different sources and how these help us to find out about the Great Fire. Next children will look at what happened after the fire and how London changed. Finally, children will put the information they have learnt into a newspaper article.

Great Fire of London Pictures

DT: Making Windmills

Visit to Santa

Spring 1 How are towns and cities different?

This half term we are learning about Bulwell and Nottingham City. Children will compare Nottingham City to Bulwell Town  and find out the similarities and differences between a town and a city. We will complete a fieldwork trip by visiting Bulwell and Nottingham comparing physical and human features like the river and buildings. We will present our results in a bar chart and pictogram. 

Geography Visit into Nottingham

Spring 2-How has food changed over the last 100 years? 

We will learn about food in the past.  We will look at how meals, food and snacks have changed over the past 100 years. Then we will sort fruit and vegetables out into different seasons they are grown in and when they are eaten. Next we will look at how shops and shopping have changed over the years. Finally we will end our topic with a visit to Green's Windmill where children will discover how grain is turned into flour and then make bread to take home. 

World Book Day 2nd March 2023

Summer 2-Would I prefer to live in Bulwell or Skegness?

This half term, children will be studying the seaside .Children will start with their prior knowledge about the countries of the UK and it’s oceans to understand that the seaside exists along the coast. Children will study the features of a seaside and what can  be found there. We will take a trip to Skegness to look at those features and draw a simple route map using symbols and a key. Then we will compare the seaside town of Skegness and market town of Bulwell to look at similarities and differences.

How has Bulwell Bogs changed over time?

Children will be studying local history this half term. Children will sequence how Bulwell Bogs has changed over time. Children will compare how the usage of Bulwell Bogs has changed comparing then and now. We will take a trip to Bulwell Bogs to compare pictures of then and now. We will be focusing on the historical skills of comparing past to present and chronology through timelines. Children will also ask their own investigative questions and find answers as the topic goes on.

Water Bottles

Please can all children bring a drinking bottle with water (no juice) into school every day. Please put your child's name on their bottle. 

In Aspen class we will continue to use Class Dojo to keep you up to date with our learning. Class Dojo is a great way to communicate with the class teacher, receive important news and see your child's achievements. 

We are also recording your child's Pride points on Class Dojo so parents and carers can see individual achievements. 

If you are not already signed up to Class Dojo, let us know and we can get you connected. 

Curriculum Overviews

Our curriculum overviews are a great way to share which topics your child will be learning this year. 

PRIDE Points

The children will receive Snape Wood Pride Points for their achievements in school. Children can use their points to buy prizes in the Pride Points shop.

PRIDE stands for:

Positive Attitude





Reading is very important for children. We wish for all children to enjoy reading and to become fluent readers. To encourage this, please take time to read with your child for at least five minutes each day and log this in their reading diary. Please remember to send in your child's reading diary everyday.

The PE days for Year 1 and 2 children are Tuesdays and Fridays. Children should come to School dressed in PE kit on these days. 

P.E kit should include ; a plain white T shirt, black/navy shorts, leggings or track suit bottoms and black trainers/plimsolls.

For your child's safety, please remove any earrings on P.E days. 


In each class, there is a traffic light system for behaviour. Every child begins the day on Green. If a child breaks a school rule, they are asked to think about their behaviour and are given a warning. If the child does not change their behaviour, they are moved down to orange. If their behaviour has still not improved, they are moved down to red. The child is given a chance to move back up the traffic light system and we support the children in trying to work their way to  green. However, if the child’s behaviour does not change when they are on red, they are sent to another class for the remainder of that lesson. 

Red Cards

If a child is on red at the end of the day or they have shown extreme behaviour, a red card will be sent home. Please take the time to speak with your child about this behaviour and sign and bring the card back to school if your child is given one.

Green Cards

Children that have shown good behaviour all week and have not been on orange will be given a green card on a Friday. This is a chance for both you and school to encourage good behaviour. The children love being given the cards and are excited to take them home. They are entered into a prize draw when they bring in their card signed by you.

We advise that you regularly check your child's hair for head lice and treat if necessary.

Phonics Screening Information

In the summer term, your child will have a phonics screening test. Please see the links below for more information.

Please put your child's name on all of their uniform, especially cardigans and jumpers. 

Reading diaries and reading books should be in school everyday.

Children should not bring toys into school as they may get damaged or lost. 

To support your child’s classroom learning, you could try and do the following at home:

Ask children what they have done/learnt at school each day

Listen to your child read

Help your child practise their weekly spellings

Encourage your child to write – practising letter formation and joining their letters

Practise writing numbers and ordering them

Test your child on their 2, 5 and 10 times tables using our Times Table Rock Stars scheme!

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please make an appointment at the office. Due to confidentiality, we are unable to speak to parents in public areas. 

Thank you for your support

Miss Pember
Miss Bracey