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Reading at Snape Wood

Reading at Snape Wood

At Snape Wood, We believe that reading should be at the heart of all learning. Regular reading is strongly encouraged at our school and our pupils are given the opportunity to read in a number of different ways. See below for more information.



English Lessons with a reading focus…

Every Monday and Tuesday, our English lessons will focus on reading a variety of text types. This is to enable children to be exposed to a variety of English literature and begin to notice the complex ways of how our language is constructed through grammar analysis activities.


Wednesday Afternoon and Thursday Morning Book Club…

We are hosting an early morning book club on Wednesday mornings, in which pupils and parents/ carers are warmly invited to come along and read a variety of books together. This gives parents and carers the opportunity to hear their children read and to share a love of reading with them.


Weekly Reading Assemblies…

Most Wednesday mornings, we have an assembly dedicated to reading. We have already celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday on the 13th September with a special assembly! In future assemblies, it is hoped that we will have the children reading and performing activities relating to their favourite author’s books, as well as giving our staff the opportunity to participate, too!


Shared Reading sessions and Reading Interventions every day…

Every class has a dedicated reading session at 14:30 every day. During this time, classes across the school have the opportunity to take part in a variety of reading schemes to promote inference, comprehension and deduction skills in reading. Currently, the following interventions are available at Snape Wood Primary:


Key Stage One


Read, Write Inc. – a comprehensive, systematic synthetic phonics teaching scheme designed to encourage children to segment and blend sounds to create first words, then sentences.


CODE – a fast-track reading intervention program designed to make reading fun and enjoyable for younger readers.


Key Stage Two


Shared Reading with targeted Boosting support – A whole-class programme for children who do not have a specific reading intervention. In these sessions, children will have the opportunity to read and answer questions about a variety of books, use pictures and other texts to infer meaning, and finally, practice their comprehension skills through test-based questioning.



DEAR (Drop Everything And Read!)…

Every day, for 15 minutes, every class has a dedicated 15 minute-portion of the day in which they ‘drop everything’, pick up a book and get reading! This includes the staff, too. Please check back soon for photos of our pupils and staff ‘caught in the act’ of enjoying a good book!


Reading Allowed…

Reading allowed is a programme, run by trained year 5 and 6 pupils, to promote a love of reading with our younger readers in the school. Sessions will be running three times a week during the school day, in which the older children will buddy up with the younger children to encourage them to enjoy a good book or three!


And more…

Watch this space for more Remarkable Reading events coming soon!