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Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School
Excellence for All
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School Values

Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


Our school is a calm, secure and happy place. Every child is different and unique. Every child is valued and given the opportunity to succeed and maximise their full potential.


We want everyone in the school to enjoy their work and play without fear of disruption or bullying.  Our expectations are high and we insist on extremely high standards of behaviour and attitude from every pupil.

All pupils have contributed to our ‘Statement of Shared Values’ and the agreed supporting School Rules.  Our ethos is underpinned by our 5 values - PRIDE.  At Snape Wood, we take 'PRIDE' in everything we do..










Mission Statement


To provide excellence for All’ within a happy, safe, and stimulating learning environment. To achieve this mission statement we will:


•Sustain an environment which is welcoming, caring and supportive of school and wider community.

•Promote excellence in teaching and learning

•Promote perseverance in our efforts using praise and encouragement as motivating factors

•Celebrate our successes

•Strengthen the foundations for future learning, well-being and economic success




Vision & Values

Our Vision

•We passionately believe in developing a life-long love of learning within an inspirational and inclusive environment.

•Snape Wood is a warm and friendly place of co-operation, equality and respect.


To instil a love of learning by:-

•Implementing a relevant creative curriculum designed to encourage independence and child-initiated learning

•Providing a stimulating learning environment to encourage investigative and meaningful engagement with the learning process.

•Providing excellent teaching of both the Primary Curriculum and the development of life skills


Everyone deserves to receive a high quality education:-

•Teaching is personalised to meet the needs and preferred learning styles of all learners

•By believing and acting on the premise that every child matters

•Providing appropriate resources and opportunities


We treat each other with empathy and kindness, and we are polite to each other by:-

•Promoting a high standard of behaviour in our school community through well established policies and procedures such as our ‘Good to be Green’ Rules

•Understanding both our rights and responsibilities at school and in the wider community

•Raising self-esteem and self-worth through ensuring that our children reach their full potential







Snape Wood Primary and Nursery School

Statement of Shared Values.


We value Each Other

So we understand why we should always:

Be kind and caring and sensitive to each other’s feelings.

Move around the school, both inside and out in a considerate way.

Try to remember and include everyone.



We value Honesty

So we understand why we should always:

Try to be truthful, even when it is difficult to do so.

Respect things which belong to someone else.

Remember that honesty means not cheating ourselves or other people.


We value Good Manners

So we understand why we should always:

Be polite


We value Learning

So we understand why we should always:

Work hard and not give up, even when it feels tough.

Not be frightened to make mistakes and not let anyone feel silly

or embarrassed if they do.

Aim to be independent and confident and to make good progress.


We value being part of a School Community.

So we understand why we should always:

Wear our school uniform with pride.

Treat school property and the school environment with care and respect

Warmly welcome visitors to our school and allow them to see our values in


Be excellent representatives of our school when we go out so that we build on our good reputation

We value YOU!