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Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Begin by watching Number Blocks:
S2 Ep6 (Just add one):

Go on to the link:

Follow Session 4 – Composition of 9 and 10
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video.)

Finish by watching Number Blocks S2 Ep10 (The Three Threes):


Photo of session 4 activity



Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Fact-File writing

  1. Remind children about different toys from the past and present by playing the listening/clue game: ‘The-old-toy-room - What am I?’ Adult to read/state clues, children to guess. Where needed, the adult should prompt the children with appropriate guidance.
  2. Review the toolkit created yesterday (what is needed to write a WAGOLL sentence?)
  3. Adult to model writing sentences on an example ‘The-old-toy-room - Toy-fact-file-writing-frames’ encouraging the children to help.
  4. Children to have a go at completing one of their chosen face-file sheets using the ‘The-old-toy-room - Toy-fact-file-writing-frames’.

Completed fact-file writing frame.


Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

1. Recap that we have been thinking about where we live (at winter time). Explain that we will be focusing more on Bulwell, England where we live during todays music lesson. Explore Bulwell using photos and google maps – remember to drag the orange man to get satellite images. Can you find familiar places such as school, the church, the park and your house?

2. Watch and join in with ‘Let’s Go Shopping (Part 1)’:

3. Discuss how the music and song has made them feel today.

No work to be sent.



Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Letter formation of ‘a’

Read ‘Handwriting Gross and Fine Motor Crib Sheet – PARENTS’.


  1. Playdough
    Follow the video:  I like to ‘playdough’ action song -

  2. Squiggle while you wiggle

Song: Tina Turn – Proud Mary

Children to complete ‘squiggle while you wiggle movements’ on paper.

  1. Handwriting

Children complete ‘Handwriting Letters’ activity worksheet. Practise just LETTER ‘a’ (not words underneath)


Complete Handwriting Letters activity worksheet just LETTER ‘a’ (not words)!