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Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Go on to the link:

Follow Session 2 – Representing and sorting 9 and 10
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video.)

Finish by watching Number Blocks S3 Ep7 (Numberblobs):


Photo of session 2 activity





Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Comparing and Sorting

  1. Review vocabulary ‘past’/’present’/’future’ from yesterday.
  2. Recap yesterday’s story ‘The Old Toy Room’ and re-read if needed.
  3. Work through ‘Comparing old and new toys’. Make links between ‘past’ and ‘old’, ‘present’ and ‘new’ and ‘future’ being unheard of and not designed yet. Allow children to discuss the toys which they have. Can they see any similarities from between theirs and old toys/toys from the past?
  4. Sort photos of toys into old (past) and new (present) using worksheets:
    ‘Sorting Old and New Toys Activity Sheet’
    ‘Sorting Old and New Toys – Photos’

Can the children explain why it is placed where and what informs their choice(s)?

Completed activity showing old (past) and new (present) toys sorted into groups.

Expressive Arts and Design

Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Expressive Arts and Design
Children to follow ‘Cup-And-Ball-Craft-Instructions’ and/or ‘Jack-in-the-Box-Paper-Model instructions’ (depending on resources and equipment available at home) to create their own toy from the past. 


A Photo of the completed chosen toy(s) from the past.



Work to send via DOJO

Letter formation of ‘c’

Read ‘Handwriting Gross and Fine Motor Crib Sheet – PARENTS’.


  1. Playdough
    Follow the video:  Down in the Jungle -


  1. Squiggle while you wiggle
    Song: Dolly Parton - 9-5
    Children to complete ‘squiggle while you wiggle movements’ on paper.


  1. Handwriting

Children complete ‘Handwriting Letters’ activity worksheet. Practise just LETTER ‘c’ (not words underneath)


Complete Handwriting Letters activity worksheet just LETTER ‘c’ (not words)!