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Plan Work to send via DOJO

Go on to the link:

Follow Session 3 – Comparing numbers within 10
1) Watch video.
2) Complete the activity (download from the ‘Get the activity’ tab to the right hand side of the video.)

Finish by watching Number Blocks: S3 Episode 6 (Now we are 6 to 10)


Photo of session 3 activity






Plan Work to send via DOJO
  1. Review vocabulary ‘past’/’present’/’future’. Question: What does past/present/future mean? Can you give examples of something that has happened in the past? What might happen in the future? 
  2. Recap what can be remembered about hospitals from the past and hospitals now in the present and how Florence Nightingale helped to change them for the better (yesterday's Literacy and Understanding the World: History). 
  3. Sort images into past and present, working together discussing reasoning.
  4. Using the newly sorted images, think of some sentence ideas to explain 3 of them.
  5. Create a ‘toolkit’ of all things needed to write a good sentence e.g. capital letters (symbol: ‘Aa’), finger spaces (symbol: a finger), use of sounds/segmenting and blending (symbol: an ear), a full stop (symbol: a full stop), letter formation (symbol: dotted letter with arrow for directions) – same as yesterday.
  6. Write a sentence underneath 3 of the images.

Photo of 3 sentences.

Music/Understanding the World

Plan Work to send via DOJO

Music/Understanding the World
1. Recap where we live – question: Where do we live? What is it called? -Bulwell, England. Continue to explore Bulwell using photos and google maps – remember to drag the orange man to get satellite images. Can you find familiar places such as school, the church, the park and your house?

2. Watch and join in with ‘Let’s Go Shopping Again (Part 2)’:

3. Discuss how the music and song has made them feel today.

4. Draw/create an imaginary ‘map’ of Bulwell showing your route to the ‘market’.
Discuss some of the things you may have seen on your way (include some of the things from step 1 – Google Images/Google Maps). Challenge your child to make their own key.

See photos for ideas below:

Photo of your map showing your imaginary route to the market.


Plan Work to be sent via DOJO

Letter formation of ‘g’

Read ‘Handwriting Gross and Fine Motor Crib Sheet – PARENTS’.

  1. Playdough
    Follow the video:  Pirate remix -
  2. Squiggle while you wiggle
    Song: S Club 7 – Reach
    Children to complete ‘squiggle while you wiggle movements’ on paper.
  3. Handwriting
    Children complete ‘Handwriting Letters’ activity worksheet. Practise just LETTER ‘g’ (letters and words)!


Complete Handwriting
Letters activity worksheet
 just LETTER ‘g’ 
(letters and words!)