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                                                                 Writing and Grammar






The English curriculum supports the development of the whole pupil through giving children the skills and knowledge to make them successful in life. Reading should broaden pupil’s horizons taking them beyond the everyday into a world of imagination. Through reading, children learn about different people, times and places. Reading is the bedrock of the curriculum because it is a door to understanding the world! Writing has a special place alongside reading because it enables pupils to have a voice and communicate about the world around them. We aspire to give children purposeful opportunities to use that voice through speaking and listening opportunities that enable pupils to become confident writers. We know that this will equip them to become better citizens of the world.



Grammar is the study of language. It teaches us about the different types of words and how they can combine in different ways to make sentences. An understanding of grammar helps children to write a wide range of accurate sentences that use punctuation correctly.

We follow the Rainbow Grammar scheme. At the heart of Rainbow Grammar is a very simple idea – that colour can be used to expose the underlying structure of sentences, so that children can understand how they work, imitate their patterns and then apply those patterns to new contexts. In Rainbow Grammar, there are eight colours and each colour represents a different part of a sentence.

Children learn:

  • how the different parts of sentences work
  • what different types of words and parts of sentences are called
  • how to join the different parts of sentences together
  • how to improve their sentences
  • how to punctuate their sentences.

Most importantly of all, they lean why writers use these different parts and how they help to improve their writing.